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    James Staddon

    I’m currently shooting with a 50mm 1.8 lens on a Canon Rebel XTi but would like to shoot with a wider angle lens. I enjoy photographing children and want something cheap. I’m looking at the 35mm . . . would you recommend that as a good lens to I buy next?

    This was a written question I received from someone by the name of Rebekah who stopped by the Lenspiration booth at the HEAV Convention last week.

    Hi Rebekah! I like zoom lenses since they allow you to quickly change the focal length without having to change lenses. However, if you are already accustomed to shooting prime, then there certainly are advantages to having mostly prime lenses to shoot with. They are cheaper, higher quality, and provide much faster apertures than the typical zoom lens. Especially budget zoom lenses. Another factor you will need to consider (since you want to shoot action) is the focus motor. Do you know how to determine that in a lens? Also, you want to be cautious of distortion when photographing people. Do you plan on upgrading your XTi any time soon?

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