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    Faith Metz

    I was doing a birthday photo shoot for my sister and this one one of the photos I got. Do you have any explanation how I got this zoom blur? I was just snapping pictures and when I uploaded them I found this one. I didn’t even try to do this! And is this picture worth anything?


    blessings captured

    Zoom blur is made when you intentionally or accidentally zoom as the picture is being recorded. To make a zoom blurred picture look nicer, put the subject in the center of the zoom. I haven’t tried this technique on people, maybe it would look neat with her face sharp and the rest zoomed.


    James Staddon

    Yes, if there’s just a small amount of zoom blur like in this shot, then the center of the frame will still have the appearance of being in focus. So if the subject’s face was in the center, then yes, it would be worth keeping. Because subjects being dead-center isn’t generally the best composition, one can crop afterward to improve the composition while still having the subject in focus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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