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Looking for Portraiture Resources?

Looking for Portraiture Resources?

It’s been a long time in the making. Ever since Lenspiration started, you could say. An article here, a blog post there, forum discussions everywhere in between.  Each article, blog post, and forum topic meet the need of the moment. But what about weeks, or...

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On Assignment: The Intricacy of God’s Creation

On Assignment: The Intricacy of God’s Creation

There are several ways you can do macro photography on a budget, but for this assignment (see details here!) I explored one way I had never tried before!  It’s true that flipping the lens isn’t the sharpest way to create macro photos. For starters, macro...

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The Best Kind of Photography Job

The Best Kind of Photography Job

It was very dark when I pulled into the driveway. But the headlights revealed quite a stately homestead. A gate led through an ivy-wrapped archway into a manicured back lawn where a shapely pool reflected the light reflecting off the clouds from downtown Dallas, 20...

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Hi! I’m James Staddon a landscape, event, wedding and travel photographer from West Virginia. Captivated by God’s creation and inspired by my Uncle’s photography at an early age, I started exploring photography in the early 2000s, began pursuing it seriously in 2006, and jumped into it professionally in 2013 under the business name of Lenspiration. Through the website, workshops and various opportunities offered by Lenspiration, I love to see inspiration planted, nurtured and expressed for the glory of God in the work of other photographers!
James Staddon

Owner, Lenspiration

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