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Moving beyond the FREE Membership, PRO members are guided step-by-step through professional-level training and interaction. Photographers of any level can reach their goal of becoming a better photographer through:

  • Guidance through each step on the Roadmap
  • Monthly critique webinars of members’ photos (example)
  • Monthly Q&A webinars for answering members’ questions (example)
  • New, PRO-exclusive special features every month (example)
  • Monthly, content-rich PRO Reports (example)
  • Special discounts on training material and workshops
  • Access to the entire Lenspiration Video Library
  • Interaction on the complete Scouting Guide of North America
  • Participation in paid Shoot to Serve photography opportunities

More details available here. You will continue to have access to the typical FREE Membership features.



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For a comprehensive overview of all PRO features, please visit


Anytime you want to do anything in PRO, just go to! This is the PRO Membership Portal, and you will automatically be redirected here when you log in to your account.

First, visit the PRO Membership Portal to get familiar with all the opportunities that are now available to you, such as submitting questions or pictures for upcoming webinars, searching the Video Library, shooting for current photo assignments, reading the PRO Report archives, viewing the the Scouting Guide, accessing the PRO Posing database, downloading desktop backgrounds, and making changes to your account.

Second, visit the Photographer’s Roadmap. All PRO-exclusive material is now available to you. You are free to work through the Roadmap in any sequence at your own pace any time you’d like. It is recommended that you start at Step #1 and journey sequentially through the suggested material, taking your time to digest one step per month for a total of 12 months. Feel free to pass through the Roadmap as many times as you’d like during the duration of your PRO Membership.

Third, engage in the monthly PRO opportunities. Beyond the Roadmap, take full advantage of your PRO Membership by taking advantage of each month’s PRO opportunities (such as the monthly PRO Q&A webinars, PRO Critique webinars, Special Features, and PRO Reports). You will be notified by email when these opportunities are available, so keep an eye on your inbox. You will want to participate in these regular PRO opportunities for accountability, camaraderie, life experience, getting paid and getting motivated in the areas you would not otherwise likely grow in.


So basically, to make the most of PRO, frequent when you want to do something fun, visit when you feel like studying, and keep an eye on your email when you’re not doing either of the other two!


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