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Welcome to Pro Posing—the Lenspiration member’s go-to place for portraiture training and inspiration! This exclusive section is motivated by the desire to provide budding photographers with a wholesome place to gather portraiture ideas and learn basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques of portrait photography.

Pro Posing Database

Enter the Pro Posing Database to browse creative, wholesome posing ideas in a variety of categories from wedding and engagement to maternity and family photos. In short, a beautiful alternative option to raw Internet browsing!

Portraiture Training

In the Pro Posing Training section, you’ll find a variety of resources designed to motivate and inspire you as you learn as much as you can about the principles and techniques of portrait photography.

Pro Posing Database

The Pro Posing Database is a wholesome, family-friendly place where you can come to find inspiration in the area of portrait photography. We’re always adding more content to the Database, so be sure to check back often for more ideas!

A high standard of excellence is held for the Database, not only in image quality, but also the actual content of each photo. It is our goal to “approve things that are excellent; that [we] may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ.” (Philippians 1:10) We hope that the Database will encourage you to pursue God-honoring excellence as you learn more about portrait photography.

As you navigate through the variety of collections, take advantage of the “info icon” associated with each photo to view metadata about that particular photo. This may help you get a feel for what camera, lens, exposure, etc. that portrait photographers use on their photo shoots. Many of the photos are also captioned with tips, principles and techniques from photographers who have contributed their photos to the database.

This Database is truly a group effort! While Lenspiration may not necessarily endorse all the work of each contributing photographer beyond what we have included here in the Database, we are truly grateful for each and every photographer who has enthusiastically given (and continue to give!) of their time and talent to make this Database possible.

Interested in contributing your own photos to the database? Request an invitation to be a Pro Posing Contributor.

Portraiture Training

Ebook: 30 Tips for Perfect Family Photos

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Ebook: Pro Posing Techniques

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