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  • That’s fine, each to his own I guess. I like fast lenses and I like to leverage them for all they are worth!

  • Thanks! I can’t claim to have done anything right taking it- it was pure chance:)

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    So I re-edited the first picture, and don’t understand why “you should always use bilateral blurring when doing photo’s with editing like that”
    I prefer to use a fast lens, and let it take care of my background.

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    Nice! It certainly does have some extra “punch” I think I like the uncropped version better though. I should see if I have one that emphasizes the sagebrush more.

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  • Here’s what I came up with. Both were shot with a 50mm 1.8 lens, tripod, and remote release. I used a 10 stop ND filter to blur the water.

  • I shot several weddings in a setting where there was pretty drastic difference between the stage lighting and the auditorium. I still do not know just what the best approach to such a situation is. I ended up spending hours in post, because while the stage lighting was orange, the other lights in the room were quite cool. The bridal party was…[Read more]

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    I guess I didn’t notice the crooked horizon. Thanks for pointing that out! I don’t mind sun flare, but I did take it out, along with some of the people at the overlook.
    Do you have any suggestions for improving the foreground as was mentioned? i played around with it a bit, but didn’t come up with much.
    I’ve done multiple exposures without a…[Read more]

  • So you want us to try it too? I might try it tomorrow. Got a few ideas, mostly involving macro-type shots.

  • Josiah Waldner replied to the topic Grand Canyon in the forum Photo Critique 1 week, 3 days ago

    Thanks. Here is a cropped version. Hope you get your chance to go: if you do, you should try to be at the Desert Watchtower for sunset. I really didn’t get any good pictures during the day, but during sunrise and sunset, there were ample opportunities for a novice photographer to get good results. I had my camera for only 2 weeks when this…[Read more]

  • Here is a pic I took a while ago, and just edited. Any thoughts? I should have bracketed the exposure to gain more detail in the highlights, but I didn’t have a tripod. The lighting was beautiful- around 6:45 pm near Desert Watchtower, at the Grand Canyon.
    Canon 70d
    Tamron 15-300 3.5-6
    1/200 sec
    320 iso.

  • Josiah Waldner replied to the topic Memory Cards in the forum Photography Q&A 1 month ago

    I started using Sandisk Extreme Pro cards recently to try and increase my burst rate. I really like them. There are reliable and really fast. I guess it all boils down to what your camera can support. If my camera could support uhs 111, I would get them, but since it cannot use the second row of contacts, it would not gain me much. Sony sells…[Read more]

  • I think what they were thinking of when they told you that remote releases don’t work with your camera was the wireless remotes. Your camera should have a small 3 pin port to plug in a wired remote though, and that is the way to go for long exposures, time lapses, and delayed capture. The wireless ones work great for self portraits or shooting…[Read more]

  • Wow, @blessingcaptured, your pictures have a lot of potential! I edited one just to see what all it contained, and even with just the Jpeg, the results were impressive! Do you have the RAW file? If so, you should play with it a bit more. Try adjusting contrast, white balance, and clarity. These things help a lot in astrophotography. Here is what I…[Read more]

  • Here is one I took a while ago as part of a star trails stack, and edited just now. I found the Dropbox link closed, too.

  • Josiah Waldner replied to the topic Macro Insects in the forum Photo Critique 2 months ago

    Sure! Looks like I forgot to attach the grasshopper pics. Oh, well- I learned how to fix the blur around the antennas. I turned the f/stop up to about 20. Here is the latest from the setup.

  • Josiah Waldner replied to the topic Macro Insects in the forum Photo Critique 2 months ago

    Here is a grasshopper I caught yesterday and stacked based on @rmadris and @jamesstaddons’ critique. Still a little fuzzy around the antennae, but there is not much I can do about that. I think it does look much better, but the poor bug is covered in some kind of super fine dust that looks like bread crumbs up this close. I should blow it off and…[Read more]

  • Josiah Waldner replied to the topic Macro Insects in the forum Photo Critique 2 months ago

    I start by opening all the images as layers in photoshop, then go to Edit> Auto align Layers. Choose stack, not panorama as the method. When that command finishes, go to Edit> Auto blend Layers. Select the Auto method, and check the Correct Geometric Distortion. It takes a while when you are working with hundreds of Raw files! Depending on the…[Read more]

  • Oh, now I remember. I knew about the little triangles, but I guess I just forgot about them. If you click on them, they will show you exactly where the clipping is happening. I like your edit, James! It looks more natural than mine. I should try it again. Thanks for your comments!

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