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My Epic Family Photography Photoshoot Fail

I was pumped! And I was prepared too. I had bought the flash brackets and two umbrellas. I had figured out how to trigger flashes from my camera, and I had even recorded some introductory footage in preparation for making a video that would cover in real-time what I...

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Are Your Photos Stored Safely?

Where do you store your pictures? On your computer or on an external hard drive, I would assume? Now, what would happen if that computer or external hard drive crashed….this very instant?! Believe me, if you use electronic equipment, it will fail on you before too...

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Dealing With Underexposure

Do your pictures turn out overly underexposed sometimes? This happens to me all the time. Especially when I’m shooting in full manual. The light changes, or I point the camera in a different direction, or I put a filter over the front of the lens and, yeah, I forgot...

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Hi! I’m James Staddon a landscape, event, wedding and travel photographer from West Virginia.

Captivated by God’s creation and inspired by my Uncle’s photography at an early age, I started exploring photography in the early 2000s, began pursuing it seriously in 2006, and jumped into it professionally in 2013 under the business name of Lenspiration.

Through the website, workshops and various opportunities offered by Lenspiration, I love to see inspiration planted, nurtured and expressed for the glory of God in the work of other photographers! James Staddon

Owner, Lenspiration

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