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    James Staddon

    Welcome to Shoot to Serve!

    I worked in the Graphic Arts department of a Christian ministry for several years and will be the first to tell you how difficult it is to acquire quality or wholesome images of original or unique subjects. To meet the demand, I began taking pictures of my own for specific subjects or publications. You might say this is how I became a published photographer. Lenspiration now extends this opportunity for you to become a published photographer by making the specific photography needs of other organizations available for you to shoot, right there in the comfort of your home. Practice photography with a purpose, bless other organizations with your talents and earn the privilege of getting your pictures published!

    How Shoot to Serve works:

    1. An Organization submits an image request to Lenspiration.

    2. If the request is approved, it is posted as an Assignment on the Shoot to Serve forum and highlighted as yellow to indicate that it is “Open”.
    You can request to be notified by email when a new assignment is posted by subscribing to “Photo Assignments” on the Subscribe Page.

    3. Anyone can view and submit their pictures for open assignments.
    Details on how to submit your pictures is outlined below.

    4. When an organization chooses to use a submission, it will be announced at the end of the assignment.
    For paid assignments, compensation is generally only available to Lenspiration Members.

    5. The assignment will then be “Closed”, indicated by it no longer being highlighted in yellow.
    Viewing and discussion can continue on closed assignments, but new submissions for the assignment will not be accepted.

    Image submission guidelines:

    • Please make sure that your Lenspiration Account Profile is up to date. This is how an Organization will know how to contact you to pay you if you are eligible. Compensation is typically available only to Lenspiration Members. Compensation will be sent via PayPal to the email address on your Profile. Your Profile can be accessed via the My Account link at the top of any page.
    • Only submit your very best image(s).
    • You may attach up to 10 images per reply.
    • Unless the assignment instructs otherwise, do not attach full-resolution images. Instead, submit photos that are less than 8MB in size. If you do not know how to downsize your photo, try using a program such as Google Squoosh.
    • Please be aware that when you submit pictures on the Lenspiration forums, you are making them accessible to the entire world via the Internet. Downsize and watermark your submissions accordingly.
    • The way to make submissions is simply to Reply with an attached image.
    • Submissions will be reviewed over an indefinite amount of time.
    • As long as an assignment is highlighted in yellow, you may still make submissions even after the written deadline has passed.
    • Depending on the assignment, Lenspiration or the Organization may contact you privately (via the contact information on your Profile).

    Information that is generally posted with each assignment:

    Requester: the organization or individual requesting an image.
    Purpose: overview of why an image is being requested.
    Request: the image that they are requesting.
    Specifics: detailed description of the image they are requesting.
    Orientation: the ratio they plan on using the image, be it vertical, horizontal, square, etc.
    Photo Specs: details on size and file format.
    How to Submit: details on how to submit your photos.
    Remuneration: details about how an image chosen by the organization will be compensated.
    Terms: details on how your pictures will or will not be used.
    Deadline: when the assignment will end.

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