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Reflection on Ring

Reflection on Ring

I'm editing the pictures from the wedding I just shot. I'm having difficulty with one shot. The groom's ring was shiny silver-and very reflective. Do you think the reflection is distracting? How could I remove it in post? How could I avoid it in the future? Thanks!

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Hello fellow photographers! I was asked to shoot my cousin’s wedding this Saturday. This is my first wedding and I’m open to all the helpful tips I can get! 🙂 It will be an outdoor wedding in the afternoon with sunshine in the forecast. I was wondering if there are...

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Biblical perspective, basic tips, preparations, communication


Equipment, communication, supporting the main photographer

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Lenses, speedlites, off-camera flash, lighting, camera settings

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Bride & Groom, bridal party, detail shots, groupings