What is CAPTURE?

Join a small group of outdoor-loving, learning-focused photographers for an ultimate photography experience, observing and practicing the finer points of landscape photography! CAPTURE is a muli-day intensive, practical and hands-on, each day typically running from before dawn to after dusk. It's designed for photographers who love any genre but want to go beyond the basics in landscape photography. Learning photography in the classroom of creation, we'll focus on building skills in these three essential areas:

  1. Effectively relying on your camera’s manual controls,
  2. Setting up and following an efficient and organized post-processing workflow
  3. Improving composition by developing an eye for “seeing” and practicing specific composition tools

Bring your own questions too, and we'll do everything we can to cover those too. That's what a workshop is for, right? Completion of Lenspiration’s Foundations of Photography Course is recommended before attending a CAPTURE.


Map of All Workshop Locations

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