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    Ezra Morley

    I think macro photography is one of my favorite genres of photography.

    I took this picture in our front lawn a few weeks ago with my old Russian Zenit 58mm f/2 lens. It has manual aperture control and manual focus, so I use live-view and 10x zoom a lot with this lens!

    This shot was taken rather quickly, I quickly focused and “shot” before the insect could fly away, and I must say, I’m rather happy with the results! Any comments?

    EXIF Data

    Camera Model : Canon EOS REBEL T3
    Exposure time [s] : 1/1250
    F-Number : Unknown (probably f/4)
    ISO speed : 200

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    James Staddon

    Wow, the focus is suburb. That’s the most important thing I think when it comes to closeups of bugs and flowers and such.

    I like how you have the visual mass shifted off of center, but I wonder what it would look like if you had put the flowers on the left. The bent of the flowers point to the right drawing the eye that direction so I would think the empty space would look better on that side (instead of on the left). The bug is facing right as well, but that’s not something you could do much about with flying insects especially. Positioning the flowers and bug on the left would also take the bug off dead center.

    Lastly, have you done any editing to the photo? It looks like a raw file straight from the camera which lacks the contrast or vibrancy of spring growth.

    Overall, I think it’s amazing that you got the shot you did with the bug so well in focus.

    Ezra Morley

    Yes, I was kinda surprised myself that it was so well focused! Like I said, it was a rushed shot.

    I liked your idea for composition, so I went to Lightroom, and cropped it how you suggested. See attached image.

    And lastly, I did take the picture in RAW, and yes, I did edit it to add vibrancy and contrast. On my monitor, it looks almost too vibrant! I wonder if you had your mouse over the picture and it was reducing opacity of the picture. You can see the original file here.

    Paul Burgess

    I like the second composition better. Only suggestion would be to crop a bit of grass off the bottom, like on the original; I think it helped simplify things and keep the focus on the bee and flowers. Fantastic job on nailing the focus so well!

    – Paul

    Ezra Morley

    Thanks for all your comments! Here is the final cropped version! Maybe I’ll make this into a Desktop background or something, now that I’ve gotten it “perfect”.

    James Staddon

    Yes, that’s a better crop. And I’m sure our screens are calibrated differently, so I’m glad you are not pushing the vibrancy beyond what you think looks natural. That’s the principle.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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