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    Lydia Bennett

    Ok, Lenspirationers….I’d like your opinions!

    I’m thinking of giving my Mom a notecard series for her birthday, and I also hope to put some up for sale since several friends have asked if I could do so. I’m trying to decide which photos to use, and I thought it would be fun to see what you all think!

    I’m considering making 6 different designs, and I have narrowed down my options to twelve photos which I think would be possibilities. Please give me feedback on which ones you think would be the best ones for me to choose (and why!). Also, if you think any of them would look good with a Scripture verse added, or some generic text like “happy birthday” or “thinking of you” or something, let me know.

    Each photo is numbered in the filename from 1-12 for ease in referring to them in your comments.

    I’ll need to make my final decision pretty soon (definitely no later than January 25th), so be sure to give your comments before then!

    Here are the first 6….

    Lydia Bennett

    And the other 6….

    Ernest Lloyd

    Hi @bennett-family, some really good photos there!(Especially for cards.)
    If I had to narrow this down to my six favorite ones, (Hard to do!) I think these would be my top picks.
    #3. Definitely gets my pick for a classic card picture. I really like the sparkly dew look! (Maybe a “Happy Birthday” card)
    #5. Just beautiful!
    #6. I think this would be a good “Get Well” card.
    #7. Maybe a good “Thinking of You” card.
    #8. Wow, this has a classic postcard feeling to me.
    #10. I think this one would go well with the verse “The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?” From Psalm 27:1
    I think the text would go best to the right of the Lighthouse.

    James Staddon

    Loved looking through the collection! There’s one thing that influences my decisions in this sort of scenario where multiple pictures will be used in one product: how do they look all together? Let’s say 3 of the 6 cards are dominated by a yellow color, and they are arranged/advertised/stacked in such a way that the yellow ones are the first three. The impact of the first one is great. The second one not so much. There’s no contrast between the first and the second. The third is starting to feel “the same ol'”. They could all be stunning pictures, but if similar are together, then they tend to lose impact. If the 3 similarly-colored photos are scattered throughout, then there’s more contrast as the viewer goes from shot to shot.

    And color is not the only factor. Think close/far, detailed/spacious, in focus/out of focus, left weighted/right weighted, dark/light, vertical/horizontal etc. The more contrasts there are between photos as folks flip through them, the better I’d say. And yet, it’s also nice when there’s a theme, like all vertical, or all b&w, or all scenic photos. There’s that balance too. I would try to have symmetry too somehow in vertical vs. horizontal, like every-other or something.

    So I run into this all the time with a calendar. It’s hard not to get 3 blue photos lined up for Jan, Feb, Mar. Or three orange pictures lined up for Sep, Oct, Nov. Or all waterfalls in the summer months.

    So, my favorites are the following, and depending on how they are arranged (which I can’t see here), I might swap out one or two with the list of second favorites.

    #3 – seems really sharp and is very artistic looking
    #5 – I just like the composition and colors (though it might be too similar looking to #6 to fit in with the bunch)
    #6 – the centered composition is awesome; who doesn’t love a beautiful ocean sunset?
    #7 – though the bridge feels empty, I like the nostalgic feeling; makes for a good generic card I’d say
    #11 – the circular shape just really attracts the eye, and the snow is really beautiful
    #12 – I feel like I want to be there

    Second favorites:

    #2 – there’s something that’s attractive to me about this; not sure how stunning it would be on a card
    #8 – feels like a standard snapshot due to angle and composition, but maybe saturated up a bit would help. It’s a wow location for sure.
    #10 – doesn’t feel natural in color as it’s edited, and not sure if it’s sharp, but it’s a really neat subject

    Caitlin Compton

    What a sweet idea, @bennett-family! Just for some background as to why chose the ones I did – I feel like there is a lot of cards out there with lovely photos, but so many are similar. So, when I went through your photos I was thinking, what’s unique about these photos, what shows your own artistic flare, what makes it eye catching and card worthy. And of course which ones make a good set, but still include lots of variation.

    So, now for my vote. . . 😊

    #2. I really love the framing of the rocks in this shot. There’s something about the shapes and twists that really captures my eye. Voting this one in! 😊 (as a side note, perhaps the contrast could be lowered a tad to make it look a bit more natural/softer.)

    #5. Looks tranquil and soothing. Who doesn’t love sunsets on the beach? Maybe you could put a Scripture on the empty sand.

    #9. The colours are pretty and love the silhouette!

    #10. An unusual and creative perspective on a very common subject. Nice foreground leading your eyes to the lighthouse. I really like it! I think that it does need to be edited slightly differently though. It looks too warm, to me anyway. 😊

    #11. Even though there is a lot of different things going, I really love this photo. I’m thinking it has first place. 😉 I’ve come back and looked at these photos a couple of times, and every time there’s just something about this photo that captures my attention. It’s beautiful.

    #12. Lovely! Makes me want to go and sit there and soak in the quite, peaceful feeling. (I think I’d have to get rugged up warmly though. Lol) Looks like a good spot for devotions! Maybe you could put something like ‘thinking of you’, ‘just because’, or ‘you’re in my prayers’ on this one.

    When I put the photos that I picked side by side, I noticed they had theme of water and blue. Thought that looked neat! Anyway, will be interested to hear what ones you do ended up deciding to use!

    Lydia Bennett

    Thanks for the feedback, @ernestf-lloyd, @jamesstaddon and @creative-click-photography! Your input really did help me think through my options!

    I actually ended up ordering only 3 designs. The way it was working out with the quantity to order for each design, I was going to end up with A LOT of notecards, and thought it would be better to have to order more in the future than to get way too many right now. 🙂

    So, initially I narrowed it down to 6 designs and added Scripture to them; I had 3 vertical and 3 horizontal, attempting to bear in mind what James said about variety but also keeping a similar theme going. It was really hard!!

    I chose not to include #3 because it was the only close-up kind of shot and the color scheme was dramatically different from all the other photos. #7 ended up not feeling like it fit in with the set, #8 is an iconic location but wasn’t particularly well composed. I had a hard time choosing between #11 and #12 but I didn’t want to include two winter scenes when we’re just about to head out of winter, and I felt the composition of #11 was more intriguing.

    I re-edited #10 like James and Caitlin suggested; I remember feeling like my eye was going a little wonky when I initially edited it and having a challenging time finding an accurate White Balance. Coming back to it after a few weeks and re-editing it was helpful, and I think I achieved a more realistic look in the end.

    The six I narrowed it down to were #2, #5, #6, #9, #10, & #11. But in the end, the attached three are the ones I decided to order. We’ll see how they look when they actually come in! I’m looking forward to giving them to Mom next week on her birthday (and I’m banking on her not randomly reading the forums here in the meantime LOL)!

    Ernest Lloyd

    I like it a lot @bennett-family !! I think this will make a great card set.
    I also really like the creative verses that you put on each one!

    James Staddon


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