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    Dan Cope

    I had seen it over 25 miles away to the north of where I was driving through Wyoming on Interstate 90. I had seen it nearly 40 miles away to the south from a friends ranch where I was riding horseback in Montana. But finally, almost 23 years after that first distant glimpse, I had the chance to actually visit Devils Tower. I had seen interesting photos of the national monument and was anxious to capture some pictures of my own. But the pictures I managed to take from near the visitor center were not what I was hoping for and with little time to explore the area I had resigned myself to leaving without having obtained any real great photos. I was driving a van loaded with young people. We had been traveling and sight seeing for two days and everyone was tired and hungry. But the map showed another viewpoint that I thought just might be a good location for a photo opportunity. So against the wishes of some of the occupants of the passenger van, I turned up the short dirt road with promises to my weary comrades that it wouldn’t take very long. It did indeed prove to be a great location for photographing the monument. I took a few shots and would have enjoyed taking more time but I knew I was pushing the limits of my promise to not be very long! The prospect of golden light and sunset colors just a couple hours away called loudly… but fellow travelers with growling stomachs and the reality of miles yet to travel called louder so I reluctantly put away my camera and we headed off to enjoy pizza at a cafe a few miles away in the town of Hulett. This composition was my favorite. I attempted to use the golden clumps of grass as a foreground and portray the surrounding landscape with the Devils Tower prominent on the horizon. Perhaps the Tower itself would make a better subject if I had zoomed in or hiked in closer.

    Nikon D7100
    ISO 100
    1/250 sec

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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