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    Kina Lamb

    I recently did an extended family photoshoot! (For a client, not my family. ☺️) This is one of the pictures. I like it, but I don’t think it really ‘pops’. I think it’s mostly because of the colors, but does anyone else have any ideas why? Do you think if could be fixed with editing?
    Also, if this was a picture of YOU, do you think you would be happy with it? Would you put it on the wall? Why or why not?

    This picture sort of puzzles me. 😂

    Thanks! 😁😁



    Kina Lamb

    I like this one MUCH better. What, do you think is the difference? I see that one pops and one doesn’t. Why is that?


    Lydia Bennett

    The biggest downside with the first photo, from my perspective, is where the subjects are placed, being on the left third and facing out of the frame. They look like they’re ready to walk right out of the photo. Picture in your mind what it would look like if they had been placed on the right third, or if they were turned around. That alone would make a huge difference.

    I think another thing that might keep this photo from hanging on my wall is the lack of depth. I think that this simple of a background is fine for close-ups, but with the way this shot is set up as well as the pose, there’s just not a whole lot for the eye to explore.

    In contrast however, your second shot is one I would hang on the wall if I was your client!

    Here are some reasons why. There’s depth! Folks in the foreground, trees in the middleground, fence in the background, and I can almost see beyond to some fields. It’s well-balanced: the truck to the left, the people in the center/to the right, and the tree framing it on the right. There’s contrast in colors and textures, and plenty to look at throughout the whole photo yet at the same time it’s not too busy. Plus the truck they’re sitting on makes it fun and unique.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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