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    Martha Lapp

    Last night, there was a beautiful sunset, so I got my camera out… but I was a bit disappointed.. The sky in my pictures just didn’t portray the same color and beauty as the real sky… I’d appreciate any tips you have on how to make my pictures look as nice as the real scene…(or maybe that’s not always possible? 🤔)
    And the second picture is one that was taken earlier this year… (it’s a sunrise). What should I have done differently?
    Thanks and have a good night!😊

    James Staddon

    Yes, this happens to me too. 🙁

    First, try different white balances. If you shoot RAW, then you can do this in an editing program and you’ll get the same results as on location (changing the color later with JPGs doesn’t work as well).

    Second, it could be the screen you’re using.

    But most likely, it has to do with the limitations of the colors the camera can pick up. I would have to let someone more geeky than myself explain exactly why, but digital cameras aren’t the best at picking up reds especially.

    I almost always edit photos to try to get the colors to pop or look like they were in real life.

    Martha Lapp

    Thanks for your help… that makes sense! I need to work on my editing skills!😊

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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