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    Lydia Bennett

    I shot this one morning last week at a camp where I was doing photography…. there’s actually a mountain hiding behind the cloud of fog. I love the scene, but something just doesn’t feel right about the photo, and I’m not sure what it is! Any thoughts?

    Shot in Manual
    Edited in Lightroom 6
    Specs in Filename

    Both photos are exactly the same except that the second version is uncropped.


    Michelle Terrell

    real nice where did you take it.


    Lydia Bennett

    I was in Massachusetts.


    Kina Lamb

    It’s missing a Bible verse in the fog! 😀


    James Staddon

    Oh, I love foggy days!

    So, let’s think this through. You said “I love the scene”; can you identify exactly which elements in the photo draw you in? Or was it more that when you were there in-person you loved it, but when you got it up on your screen you were like, “it’s just not the same”?


    Lydia Bennett

    Hmm ok, let’s see. What draws me in? Well, the fog. I haven’t really had the opportunity to capture foggy pictures like that, so that’s what got me excited in the moment. …I like the way the trees are being unveiled. I think the thing that bothers me is that I feel like I may have been successful in capturing the “feel” of the moment to a certain degree, but it just seems flat, which I think takes away from the “wow” effect that could be there.

    So, in short, I’d say the “unveiling of the mountain” portion of the photo is what I love the most.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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