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    James Staddon

    And here’s the second, last-minute photo request from the IBLP Character Curriculum team! I thought it might be fun to have some variety in what assignment to shoot over the next week. 🙂

    • Request: Esther’s am looking for a picture of a penny bank or a child’s hand putting money in a penny bank to illustrate thriftiness. The operational definition of thriftiness that I would like to picture is, “Not letting myself or others spend that which is not necessary.” The caption under the picture will be something like,”Eternal investors are motivated to restrain from unnecessary spending.”
    • Other Specifics: I can’t choose a picture that would quickly date our curriculum….clothing styles and haircuts date a picture faster than anything else!
    • Orientation: Vertical pictures are preferred.
    • End Use: A small, printed picture that will be published in a children’s character curriculum. See attached PDF for an example.
    • How to Submit:
    1) Upload original files to this link.
    2) Attach JPGs less than 8MB in size in reply to this topic if you would like them to be critiqued.
    • Remuneration: Members of The Click will be paid $5/submission if chosen.
    • Terms: If your photo is chosen, you grant IBLP unlimited permission to use and publish your picture under the typical Royalty Free license. You may use the picture for other purposes.
    • Deadline: Midnight Monday, October 15 (or until this topic is closed).

    RELATED TRAINING: An interesting addition to shooting this assignment might be to consider what emotions are associated with the concept image we are taking and then try to intentionally incorporate colors that match that emotion. This is something I have just been interoduced to and if you’d like to take this assignment to a higher level, feel free to study and experiement with the information in this article: Make Your Photos Better With The 8 Fundamental Emotions.

    PHOTO CRITIQUE: Mark your calendars! The photos submitted for this assignment will be up for critique on the November 13 webinar.

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    Lydia Bennett

    Didn’t have a penny bank, so made due with what we did have!


    James Staddon

    Hey @bennett-family! I’m glad you took the time to throw something at this despite the crunched deadline….and lack of a “regular” penny bank!

    I’ve contacted the Character Curriculum Team to so they should be making their decision on whether or not they will be using any of these pictures for their booklet.

    Regardless, I’ll be taking a look at these shots in the next webinar to show you what I think about them and which ones I think would be worth using elsewhere for like submitting for stock. Here are the details for the webinar:


    Caitlin Compton

    This is the closest thing to a piggy bank we have! 🙂


    James Staddon

    Wow, thank you all so much! Esther wanted to mention to @bennett-family that she specifically loved the lighting in your jars pictures. And I’ve got to say that that “doggy bank” is a most hilarious contraption. 🙂 Unfortunately, Esther said that she wouldn’t be able to use any of these submissions because the Curriculum team said they would prefer a penny bank that looked like a pig. Wish I had thought to ask about that when I wrote the Details, but at that time I think they were open to creative ideas like you all submitted.

    But not to be disappointed! I’ll critique these photos in the November webinar ( and it will be fun to talk about which ones I like and for what reasons!

    Watch Critique

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    Lydia Bennett

    Aw that’s too bad that we weren’t able to help them due to our lack of legit piggy banks!

    Esther wanted to mention to @bennett-family that she specifically loved the lighting in your jars pictures.

    Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised with how that came out. It was a tough lighting situation in that room, also with a glare from the ceiling light, so I positioned my sister and had her angle a flashlight – just right – to make the lighting look like it was supposed to be that way. 🙂

    And I’ve got to say that that “doggy bank” is a most hilarious contraption.

    Gotta agree!

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