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    James Staddon

    Welcome to the Lenspiration Forums!

    General forum guidelines:

      • As in all areas of life, please abide by the Scriptural principle to “Do Unto Others” in your participation on the forums, fearing the Lord and respecting others in the words you write and the pictures you upload. Keep in mind that the forums represent a primarily Christian audience. Offensive content will be removed without notice.
      • There is an 8MB size limit on all attachments. If you attach anything larger than this, it will fail to upload. If your pictures are failing to upload, try downsizing your photos using the videos listed on the Support page, or the handy little online program, Google Squoosh.
      • Do not upload images larger than 5000px on the longest edge. Otherwise, it may fail to upload.
      • You can only upload a maximum of 2 images per Topic or Reply. (The maximum is 10 on the Shoot to Serve forum.)
      • If a specific forum necessitates extra guidelines or details, those guidelines or details are provided via links at the top of that forum; please read those guidelines or details before participating in that forum.

    As a side note, keep in mind that because I travel a lot, you may not receive replies specifically from me very regularly. It could be a week or more before I have the opportunity to provide a detailed answer that I feel is truly insightful. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as other Lenspiration members usually answer long before I do.

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    Hi James

    I hope I am doing this right, a shot I took (close to my home) from a dam looking into a sunrise. Let me know how I can improve on taking a photograph like this in the future.

    Regards Herman

    James Staddon

    Welcome to the forums, @hermanthewealthroom-co-za! You really from South Africa? That’s awesome! I love looking at pictures from folks from all over the world. I was just looking at a photo from someone in Australia….they posted a picture of frost in July. In my American mind, it just feels so bizarre! 🙂

    Instead of posting here, go ahead and go back to the main “Photo Critique” area (http://www.lenspiration.com/submit), scroll down to the bottom and create a new topic there with your text and photo. That way everyone will be able to see and comment.

    So good to see you here! Let me know if you have any more questions!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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