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    Lydia Bennett

    Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone has tips on posing business professionals for headshots. Particularly women. How to pose them in a flattering way, especially since a lot of women don’t like how they look in pictures.

    I was taking portraits for a lady in a political campaign and she did not like the way she looked. “Oh! I look like an elephant!” “My smile is always so awkward!” I wasn’t quite sure what to do about it, other than assure her she didn’t look as bad as she thought. 🙂 I realize some of it is out of my control (I can’t help if people don’t like the way they look), but I know there are surely some more things I could do to put the person at ease, make them comfortable, and hopefully take a photo that they don’t mind looking at!

    I’ve also attached some pictures I took for a real estate agent; she was completely comfortable in front of the camera and the shoot went well. I just wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the little details of her pose, like how she should place her hands, etc.

    Anyways! My aunt (who is in the nursing profession) recently mentioned that she might need me to take her professional portrait at some point, and seemed not too excited at the prospect of having her picture taken. So I thought I’d put this question out here before I’m in that sort of situation again!

    James Staddon

    @bennett-family, I wish I had more experience in this area. Some thoughts:

    *Use a mirror, so they can tell what they look like?
    *Make the surroundings as business-like as possible so they will act more business-like? (including what you wear)
    *Haven’t reviewed these articles, but this one seem like what you’re looking for? How to Pose People and Get Great Expressions in Headshot Photos and

    *Does business professional always have to be indoors? Just something to think about.
    *The more “sophisticated” my equipment/lighting setup looks may make the the more professional it makes me look, which I find looks and it helps build confidence in the subject (from my experience)

    Having a mirror

    Lydia Bennett

    Thanks for those tips and the article, @jamesstaddon. That’s very helpful! I’ll bear these in mind going forward.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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