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    Kina Lamb


    Awhile back I asked a question about how to take wedding portrait photos in front of a window. I was worried that the background would be way too overexposed while the subjects would be way too underexposed.

    We just shot the wedding with that window and my brother wanted me to try at least the groom’s portrait in front of the window with some sweet new lights we just got. I think it turned out! I am including the shot and a screenshot as well from a video of myself taking the picture so you can see the setup.

    We asked the groom (and we have also asked several other people) whether the light was uncomfortable for him while we were taking the picture, and he said no. 😀

    These are the lights we used by the way. We love them – they’re inexpensive and do the job very well. Yongnuo color adjustable lights.

    Blessings, Kina

    James Staddon

    Yay, that’s great! Thanks for the update. Were they both a max brightness, and un-diffused?

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    Kina Lamb

    @jamesstaddon Good question! Daeus says that they were all the way up on the white light setting, but he didn’t add the extra light on the orange spectrum. Apparently they can get brighter if you add the orange light.

    Yes, they were diffused with a small insert panel. Daeus says he doesn’t think the diffusion made much of a difference. Something to test, I think!

    James Staddon

    Thanks! That’s how mine work as well. Agreed, I don’t think the diffusion panel works that well either. I find they work well enough for fill light for video but I haven’t found them strong enough for hand held photography. 🙁

    Kina Lamb

    @jamesstaddon Do you have Yongnuo lights?!

    That reminds me, we also have some other lights that we really like that we use more for photography and close-up detail videos. They really do make a big difference. They were $40. Not sure if you’re shopping for lights, but these are the ones we got:

    Viltrox RB08 LED Light

    The nice thing is that you can attach it to your camera with a hot shoe convertor (which it comes with.) I have one on in my hand right now, and it is really lighting up this area. It’s really great for adding contrast and keeping things from looking flat. Daeus says he should always carry one around in his pocket on wedding days. 😀

    Also, these ones look really good too, and are about the same price.

    VILTROX L116T LED Light panel

    Of course, these types of lights won’t even make a dent with landscape/wide angle photography but for close ups and portraits, you can really tell a difference and it seems to take things to the next level. 😀

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