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  • Gorgeous sunset with stunning colours! Far from ugly. I noticed that you added some kind of blur/vignette to your picture. Perhaps you were trying to achieve some nostalgic effect. Composition-wise, I’m glad you included more “sky” and less “ground” to your photo. Although some landscape sunset shots tend to position the horizon two thirds of the…[Read more]

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic HDR sunset in the forum Photo Critique 5 months ago

    Frost? In July? Where in the world do you live?!

    Of course! We all (in Australia) get frost in July and maybe even in August. I’ve enclosed two pictures to prove that we do get frost here during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months. The photos were taken in front of a house in which I used to live a couple of months ago.

    By the way, I like…[Read more]

  • Thanks Lydia for bringing to light a principle that I had not considered while taking this picture: the elimination of distracting elements. I guess if I had waited for the sun to rise a little higher in the sky, I could have positioned my camera at a lower angle, and thus eliminate the surrounding rooftops.

  • During the golden hour, I took a picture of a lamppost at the back of my home. Due to the position of the sun, the subject (lamppost) could not be situated on the right of the picture. I’m open to comments regarding composition and editing (I understand that the lens flares could be removed during editing).

  • I’m not very good at composition, but I definitely agree with the rest that the second picture looks better. The first seems to be underexposed, while the second is not only brighter but also has a path creating a leading line. Seems like you have gorgeous sunsets in Adelaide. We get beautiful sunsets over here in Perth as well. They get better…[Read more]

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic Cityscape in the forum Photo Critique 8 months ago

    @jamesstaddon, thanks for the feedback. May I know how you edited the picture?

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic Cityscape in the forum Photo Critique 8 months, 1 week ago

    More than two years ago, I posted a picture of Perth’s cityscape on this thread and was encouraged to take the photo during the golden hour. Here’s the same cityscape taken a few minutes before sunset. I was wondering if the picture would look better had the buildings reflected more sunlight (i.e., if I had arrived a little earlier when the sun…[Read more]

  • I decided to follow your suggestion, @jamesstaddon, and have the tail end of the chili wrapped around the “1” of the dollar bill. However, it was the “1” on the bill’s upper right-hand corner, not the circled “1.” I also experimented with the pepper on the lower half of the bill. This time I used the “documentary” approach rather than the…[Read more]

  • @joshua, yes, it does help to enhance the color in some situations.

    Since they enhance picture quality, my guess is that these filters would reduce post-processing time. How much do they cost on average, and are they compatible only with SLRs?

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful comments and suggestions. @dan-cope, you helped me see how this picture could be better taken from a different perspective; I guess it didn’t occur to me that everything interesting was located in the middle of the picture. If only there were a higher vantage point in the vicinity, I would have grabbed the…[Read more]

  • I thought of having some of my New Zealand pictures critiqued on the forum. Previously, I had posted two pictures, one of a sunset taken in the vicinity of Dunedin and the other of an aerial-view of Lyttleton Harbour near Christchurch. Now, I’m posting a landscape photo I took in Queenstown. A jetboat rides on Lake Wakatipu with the Queenstown…[Read more]

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic Okra and Chili in the forum Photo Critique 10 months ago

    Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. In conjunction with the posted picture, I did take another shot, closer to the subjects and at an angle. The problem with the photo is that the chili looks somewhat out of focus.

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic Chilies in 16:9 in the forum Photo Critique 10 months ago

    Thanks for the wonderful comments and suggestion! The only problem is that a majority of the peppers have already been consumed, and I would have to wait for the plants to produce more chilies.

  • Joshua Ong started the topic Okra and Chili in the forum Photo Critique 10 months ago

    In addition to the miniature green and red chilies, my family grows the Hungarian variety. This pepper species together with okra seem to thrive in our garden. In order to illustrate the large size of these vegetables, I decided to compare them to an American one-dollar bill. Please let me know your thoughts on the picture. Thanks.

    1/30…[Read more]

  • Joshua Ong started the topic Chilies in 16:9 in the forum Photo Critique 10 months ago

    Here’s a picture of my family’s homegrown chilies. Because I had arranged them in a long, horizontal row, I decided to shoot them in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Any thoughts?

    1/50 sec.
    ISO 80

  • My thought on the picture with the couch….what if there was a little boy curled up on the couch just gazing at the tree? Just a thought….

    Here’s the picture with my brother gazing at the tree while sitting on the couch.

  • Thank you very much, James, for the nice comments and wonderful suggestions! I’m happy to explore different aspects in photographing “starburst” Christmas trees. Thanks for boosting my creativity. By the way, are you serious that an amateur like me could actually sell these kinds of pictures? If so, for how much could I sell them?

    I’m posting a…[Read more]

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic Christmas Tree in the forum Photo Critique 12 months ago

    Thanks, @sarahanne and @jinnyschober, for your nice comments! It’s been a hobby of mine to take starburst pictures of Christmas trees during the festive season. I just love the vibrant splashes of colour! A very Merry Christmas to you all and the Lenspiration community from “down under!”

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic Christmas Tree in the forum Photo Critique 12 months ago

    Thanks, @abbie! I’m glad you like it!

  • Joshua Ong replied to the topic Hot Chocolate in the forum Photo Critique 12 months ago

    Yes, I agree with @elianafranzenburg regarding a lower angle. That way you can capture the front of the cup together with the hot chocolate. But I realise that a majority of the cream may not be visible from such an angle unless the cream is closer to the brim. By the way, would your mum mind sharing the recipe of that amazing drink?

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