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Before I take any one picture, I take into consideration every single one of the 10 camera settings presented in this little book. Some more regularly than others, of course, but I still do take each one into account because they all do very important things in the process of capturing the perfect picture. How well do you know your camera? Do you know how to make important changes well enough to change them without having to give it much thought . . . instinctively? There are millions of books and articles out there on basic photography; there’s an overload of information that can be overwhelming . . . so let this little book be your field guide. Let it give you just what you need to get started in your quest for learning photography.

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4 reviews for Instinctively eBook

  1. Joseph Camuso (verified owner)

    Great eBook. It’s easy to understand and has really helped me understand more about DSLRs.

  2. James Staddon (verified owner)

    Thanks Joseph for your review comment! It was great to actually meet you in person at the COC Conference the other week!

  3. Daniel Neds (verified owner)

    I had a great time reading through this eBook! I love the different examples he used! It had inspiring photographs to illustrate it too. I learned so much from this.

  4. Kina Lamb (verified owner)

    I wish I had read this eBook right after I bought my first camera! I was thinking what probably a lot of other first-time-camera-owners think, “Great!! I’ve got my camera! Now how do I use it?! Do I really need to know all the settings, or can I just press the button?” This eBook is a great ‘field guide,’ like it says, to understanding the logic behind each setting. It is written in the format of:

    What The Setting Is,
    How James Uses It,

    and is illustrated with beautiful photos! 😀

    I recommend reading this ebook while watching James’ video “How To Unlock Your Camera.” I did this, and it taught me not only what each setting is, what it does, and when to use it, but also how to adjust it and how it effects my photos or other settings on my camera. Very very helpful! 😀

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