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    Blessings Captured

    I enjoy photographing the stars, but when it comes to editing the pictures I don’t know where to start. What do all of you do to edit your star pictures?

    Thank you for any advice and help!

    (I use Photoshop elements to edit).


    I use Deepsky Tracker a freeware programme.
    Takes a while to get to grips with the process, but well Worth it.
    Photo taken on a moonless night with the Milky way came out very well.

    Blessings Captured

    Thank you @cretan – I’ll check it out.

    Josiah Waldner

    Do you have a pic of the milky way edited this way? I would love to see it!


    Jpeg too large, see if copy to document works

    James Staddon

    Sorry you were never able to get your photo uploaded @cretan! The max file size allowed is 8MB. In Photoshop Elements it should be fairly easy to save a copy of your photo and upload it after downsizing it to like 1200px longest edge. Want to try that and try uploading again?


    Hi James

    I do not have photoshop or elements, I only use the software that was provided with my Canon EOS 750D camera.
    However after much surfing on net I was able to find a source that showed me how to downsize the pixels.

    Unfortunatly where I live there are no clubs or activities where photography can be shared.
    I watch endless sites and self experiment.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes I spend a great deal of time and achieve just rubbish

    Any how I was pleased with this shot.

    Blessings Captured

    @cretan, did you take this using multiple shots and then stacking them?
    It’s has a nice foreground subject.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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