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    James Staddon

    Publisher: New England Baptist College
    Purpose: For many years, God has used a handful of faithful men and women to accomplish the impossible. Ordinary people, who serve an extraordinary God. In life (and sometimes in death) these individuals have impacted the world for Jesus Christ. It’s the turn of this generation to take a risk for Christ and go forward. Our blog, for which we need a header photo, specifically encourages readers to grow in their personal relationship with God, their burden for world-wide missions, and the development of practical skills for Christian service.
    Request: Two professional, stock-quality images: 1) a road from a low-level perspective leading into a sunrise/sunset (example), and 2) the same or a similar perspective only with a young man, dressed in a suit and holding a Bible, stepping forward on the road towards the sunrise/sunset (example).
    Special Instructions: There are no further instructions at this time.
    Orientation: Horizontal
    Photo Specs: At least 3000px wide. RAW or original photo may be requested.
    How to Submit: Members can follow the A, B, C process outlined here. Don’t forget to submit your write ups too! (Instructions for non-members can be viewed here.)
    Remuneration: Lenspiration members will receive $15 per chosen photo!
    Terms: By submitting your photo(s) on this forum, you agree to the terms outlined in the STS Photo Assignment Agreement.
    Deadline: Midnight Saturday, May 23, 2020 (or until this topic is no longer highlighted yellow).

    Watch how I shot this assignment and get related training on how to shoot it yourself at, On Assignment: Go Forward!

    Watch the photos submitted for this assignment get critiqued live by registering for the May 26 Photo Critique Webinar!

    Shoot and/or Submit

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    James Staddon

    Not the greatest of quality, but still, the best I was able to do with the circumstances God gave!

    Ezra Landis

    Here are my photos for this assignment.

    Lydia Bennett

    Here are my photos!

    Sarah Beers

    Here are a few photos

    Sarah Beers

    Here are a few more

    Sarah Beers

    Looks like it didn’t work so I’ll try again:

    James Staddon

    A hearty congratulations to all who bravely ventured to photograph this difficult assignment! One thing that surprised me about this assignment specifically was the unpredictability of full sunlight. At this time of year, at least in West Virginia, many days were rainy or overcast. When the sun did come out, how often was it not blocked by clouds when it was low enough to the horizon to be included in the photo? And then, when those days finally did roll around, how often then would a sibling or friend be available to dress up in a suit to be a model?! It was one of those assignments that was so easy to procrastinate on, and yet, so vital to be taken as soon as the conditions were right. I hope this was a tremendous learning experience for you, and since there won’t be as much time critiquing photos in the webinar tomorrow, maybe we can spend some time talking about the backstories behind each of your photoshoots! Here’s the link to register for it so you can listen in or participate: https://www.lenspiration.com/webinar/photo-critique-53/

    James Staddon

    That was a great webinar! If anyone would like to re-watch it, here’s the replay link: https://www.lenspiration.com/video/webinar53/

    And this is the list of things we discussed:

    03:26 – Overview of the “Go Forward” photo assignment.
    07:00 – Critique of Ezra’s photo submissions, and understanding a phone camera’s limitations so we can use them to capture stock-quality photos.
    13:50 – Critique of Sarah’s photo submissions, and evaluating the fulfillment of the assignment criteria and how the mood and model played into it.
    20:37 – Critique of Emily’s photo submissions, and ideas on how to compose the shot more intentionally.
    26:02 – Critique of Amanda’s photo submissions, and why telephone lines don’t necessary have to ruin a photo
    32:33 – Interview with Lenspiration member Lydia Bennett, and what she did to successfully photograph this assignment.
    46:47 – Critique of Lydia’s photo submissions, and how to use Lightroom to naturally edit out dificult distractions in a photo
    57:03 – Info on a lens James is selling
    59:10 – The Pro Posing Training section has been updated!
    1:01:50 – Bonus assignment: Lightning Landscape deadline now extended!
    1:03:03 – Discussion begins on answering Caitlin’s questions about modesty standards from Starting up a Portrait Photography Business
    1:06:10 – Why clothing standards is an awkward topic to talk about
    1:07:31 – The most important thing to take away from this conversation!
    1:10:25 – 5 things to know about any standard you decide to hold
    1:16:22 – The difference between a conviction and a standard
    1:19:10 – How clothing standards effect your photography
    1:24:00 – Why it’s important to define your standards
    1:29:06 – How standards function on a heart level
    1:32:27 – Ideas for tactfully writing photography business guidelines
    1:43:20 – Concluding remarks on gray areas in life

    James Staddon

    Ok folks, we have a winner!

    Matt didn’t have too many photos to choose from, so I was sorta afraid that maybe he wouldn’t choose any at all. You know, that’s always an option. But, thankfully, he liked two of Lydia’s photos well enough!

    He said, “I really like the shadow in 0073 and 0079 is probably my favorite and will be perfect for our promotional postcard.”

    So, congratulations @bennett-family! What do you think you’ll put the $30 toward?

    Lydia Bennett

    Wow, so glad something worked out for them!

    What do you think you’ll put the $30 toward?

    Hmm good question. Well, being the shrewd fellow he is, my younger brother who modeled for me has been hinting at “royalties” for his modeling services, so perhaps a portion will go to him, either directly or through some little outing together. 😉

    And, being the thrifty person that I am, I think the remainder will likely go into my general “photography savings”, ready to be used when the Lord gives opportunity!

    James Staddon

    That’s great!

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