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    I took this one in the sun, through a window, at our local nature center! I used my D5000 Nikon. ISO-560 F/9 No flash!
    I know the feeder is not straight! It was windy!

    Esther Marie

    Wow, @peanut, I really like this picture! Awesome job! 😊 First thing I noticed was it tells a story. I love photos that tell about the life of a animal! More that just the animal!

    My thoughts on composition are that the photo should be straightened. It looks like you are looking straight on. If you straighten the picture, it will look more like you’re below the bird(if that makes sense). It is awesome when you’re on the animals level, but personally I would like the feeder to be straight. Also, the bottom part of the tail is missing. Did you crop it? If so, I wouldn’t crop off the tail. Another thought, I think the photo would be more dynamic if it were composed on a third rather than the centered composition. Oh, great job on catching the highlight in the eye. It really make the photo catchy!
    Also, framing the bird to the left of the feeder, not in front of it, would separate the bird from the background, making the it stand out more.

    I’m not great with the actually editing process, so I’ll let someone else comment on that. 😉 I’m sure with some tweaking it will be great! 😀

    Lydia Bennett

    Very nice, @peanut! I like the simplicity in the image. Personally, I don’t mind the fact the the feeder is crooked, it brings some action to the shot! I believe I agree with @esther though, it may have been better composed on a third. Looks like there might be a little motion blur going on there as well? Just keep an eye on that shutterspeed when you’re in windy situations like that!


    Thank you for your comments! Somehow I always seem to forget about that third thing. No I did not crop it! The picture you see completely unedited!
    I will definitely be more careful with the shutter speed when it is windy!

    Weston Auker

    Nice shot! I agree with the other two about using thirds. Some Canon cameras (and smartphones) allow you to make the third lines show up as an overlay on your LCD screen or viewfinder (digital viewfinders), but I’m not sure about Nikon. Having the lines gives a great visual as well as a reminder when framing photos, at least to get a feel for doing it.

    It can be helpful to shoot vertically instead of horizontally, since it allows space for the tail without including as much background. However, birds, especially small ones, tend to make quick moves making it difficult to shoot them. Vertical also opens some options for publishing such as magazine covers.
    Attached is a bird photo I got some months ago.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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