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    Charles Marks

    I’m looking for an app that will allow my customers to view a thumbnail of their photo(s) and quickly upload it to social media from an iPad. I work in studio amusement photography and print my customers’ photos on site. I’d like to have a system to allow them to upload to social media without occupying my previewing and printing systems. I was using Live Booth previously, but the software is no longer being maintained and no longer serves my purposes. Any suggestions?


    James Staddon

    Hi, @chmarksiv, welcome to the forums and sorry there’s not been anyone who has replied yet. You’ve got a niche question here. I’m just now getting back into the office after being away for a while so let me see what I can do.

    Could you lay out your desired system? From my understanding it should work like this:

    1. You take a customer’s amusement photo
    2. The file is automatically uploaded to your previewing and printing system (?)
    3. The file is automatically uploaded to a completely separate device, ie. an ipad (?)
    4. Customers can view their pictures on that ipad and immediately share their pictures to Social Media using that ipad (?)
    5. You use your previewing and printing system separately to fulfil orders the customers place.

    @bensharpeningcharacter and @buddingphotographer, you may be able to shed some light on this question once Charles has supplied more details here.


    Benjamin Holmes

    Hi @chmarksiv!

    As you weren’t extremely specific about a few details, I’m going to have work with what you’ve said so far and hopefully guess correctly on what you’re looking for. A quick disclaimer: I’ve never needed or used anything similar to what you are describing. I do love research though, so hopefully what I’ve discovered fits your needs.

    Based on the information I have, I’d recommend ShootProof. It has a lot of fantastic features, and allows you to create custom online galleries for each client, offering them the ability to download, share, and view their photos easily. Of special interest to photographers who use Lightroom: ShootProof has a plugin that allows you to manage these galleries from Lightroom, and if you so desire, you can also integrate ShootProof galleries into WordPress sites with their plugin.

    One VERY special feature that I do love: Web Apps. … It’s hard to explain without getting either really technical or geeky, but it functions as a native app without having to go through App Stores, doesn’t require downloading or installing, and works really well. The only drawback is that you can’t download or share photos through the app. Instead, you can share the “app’s download link”. Not perfect for you, maybe, but this is an optional feature. For a demo, click this link on an Android or iOS device: Sample App

    ShootProof offers a variety of plans to suit different people’s needs, and has both a 30 day trial as well as a free plan with storage for only 100 photos.

    I haven’t used ShootProof personally, but it is well reviewed and seems to offer what you were asking for…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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