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    James Staddon

    Ok folks, here’s the webinar replay link! https://www.lenspiration.com/video/webinar52/

    I was quite amazed at how much we were able to fit in:
    00:28 – Overview of the “Sweet as Honey” assignment
    05:15 – Critique of William’s photo submissions, and what to do if there’s something in your photo that annoys you!
    08:45 – Critique of Sonja’s photo submissions, and learning to see “margins” in your photograph!
    15:49 – Critique of Caleb’s photo submissions, and balancing the exposure trio to increase image quality.
    19:20 – Critique of Steve’s photo submissions, and when to time your ourtdoor nature explorations!
    21:39 – Critique of Ernest’s photo submissions, and how to create beautiful starbursts in-camera.
    26:05 – Critique of Greta’s photo submissions, and contemplating the difference between an “active” and a “static” photo.
    27:29 – Greta’s question answered: how deal with background shadows?
    29:08 – Greta’s question answered: how many photos should I take and submit for the Lenspiration assignments?
    32:44 – Critique of Lydia’s photo submissions, and applying the principles of sequence analysis.
    38:28 – Critique of Erin’s photo submissions, and observing how background distance can changes the overall feeling of a photo.
    41:11 – Critique of Darla’s photo submissions, and how even phone photos can look great when following rules of good composition.
    44:01 – Critique of Esther’s photo submissions, and how she went the extra mile, increasing the chances of her photo being chosen.
    50:23 – Critique of Sarah’s photo submissions, and considering context in a photo to help with the telling of the story.
    53:13 – Critique of Olivia’s photo submissions, and ideas on setting up a more natural looking scene.
    54:50 – Critique of Caitlin’s photo submissions, and comparing editing styles.
    58:56 – Winner of the “Sweet as Honey” photo assignment is announced!
    01:03:30 – Photos I think could be sold on a stock website
    01:04:16 – Which photos are my personal favorites
    01:04:55 – Ideas for what photographers can do at home during lockdown!
    01:10:23 – An interesting conversation that he had with a professional photographer from California this week
    01:12:24 – A look at Ephesians 4:17-24 to ask ourselves, “Are there really gray areas?”
    01:16:40 – Bonus photo assignment, “Lightning Landscape”, announced!
    01:17:04 – Next webinar announced.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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