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    We were having a beautiful sunset at our house the other day, so I decided to try and get a long exposure shot that included the stars. I would love any suggestions for re-shoots, or editing. the second picture is an edited version, where I tried to bring out the stars a bit more.

    Shutter speed: 30 sec
    Iso 400

    James Staddon

    That looks like a neat location. And good job making the stars pop.

    That’s a hard time of day to shoot stars, when there’s still some light on the horizon like that. It’s super easy to wash out the sky if you make the exposure any brighter, which is usually what you need to see stars. However, you didn’t wash out the sky here, so that’s good and you edited the stars to make them pop so that’s all good.

    I can’t think of many ways to make the shot better except maybe to include something of interest in the foreground. It feels too vast of an area for tree branches to work, but I wonder if there was like a telescope silhouetted up against the sky, pointing toward the heavens or something! Do you have a telescope?

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    @jamesstaddon Thanks for the advice! unfortunately I do not have a telescope, however I could probably “improvise” something for a silhouette.

    Joshua Ong

    Hi @lukevrable, those are great pictures and looks like you were shooting in the blue hour.

    I guess combining the sunset and stars may be a little tricky, especially since both subjects may require different camera angles (sunsets may be taken with the horizon positioned just below the upper third of the picture, according to the Rule of Thirds; shooting stars would probably be taken with the camera angle you used). But since you you were trying to capture both stars and sunset, the camera angle you used seems suitable. For sunsets, I would suggest shooting them during the golden hour (the period right before sunset, in this case).

    I hope the above information was helpful and useful as it represents the opinion of a REALLY amateur photographer. Looks like you can get gorgeous sunsets in your area! 🙂

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    @joshuaong thanks for the advice! we are all still learners of the skill of photography, especially me. 🙂

    David Frazer

    Another comment… adding in stars is not an issue if you’re just shooting for yourself, but if you ever want to use the photos anywhere there is sure to be someone who will notice that the constellations are from some other (imaginary) solar system… 😉


    @davidfrazer I did consider this while editing, however since I was not planning to use this for anything commercial, I took the liberty of adding a few stars around the edges. most of the stars are real though. I zoomed in on the photo and brushed the more faint ones to try to bring them out. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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