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    Woops! I kept writing ‘b&h’ filter while it’s a b&w filter, sorry.
    Have to agree with all ya’ll, – it’s a judgement call for each person to make, based on their preferences and a scale of diminishing returns (ie.: 200$filter on a 50$ lens) There is no front filter on our 50mm 1.8 or our 55-250. I personally have not ever had a problem with filters causing flare etc, but I’m not using anything extremely wide, and always with a lens hood.

    Realize I made a mistake with those test images. I should certainly have focused manually to give a level playing field. I just looked them over again, and I agree with Timtam, in that the second sure looks a mite softer. Should have read this on autofocus accuracy:
    Which means that my most rigorous technique is limiting my iq more than the filters.


    I would like to bring some balance to myself: in reality, one or two little scratches on a front element, or a bit of dust in the lens won’t actually hurt your image quality ‘that’ much. Living proof:
    LensRentals USA found a spider (yes a spider, you read that right) in a lens. Their observation: “We did, of course, take some pictures with the lens, including some f/22 sky shots just to see if there was any way we could see it in an image, but of course we couldn’t. The pictures were perfectly normal.”
    And regarding a scratched or cracked (or more like smashed) front lens element, this is a rather extreme case, even this lens could take some (reletavely) ok pictures given the right conditions:

    James Staddon

    This has been an interesting topic to follow. Thanks for the image comparisons. I’ve never taken the time to do that, but maybe I will now . . .

    Like @nasa said, I would certainly agree that it’s better to run the risk of taking scratches to a lens (and actually even having scratches) than it is to put a cheap protector filter over the lens.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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