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    I am looking for a camera because the only “camera” I own is my LG phone. I would love to have one with a flip out screen that takes video as well!
    I don’t have a ton of money to spend on one. I have about 150 to 200 I am willing to spend on one. I know thats really not a lot of money at all. But being that it’s my first camera I don’t want to buy an extremely expensive one!
    Does anyone have one for sell?

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    Ezra Morley

    Hi Jennifer,
    We can better help you if we have an idea of what kind of camera you’re looking for. 🙂 Do you need a DSLR, or are you wanting to start out with a compact point-n-shoot? (A DSLR with a good lens will be a little hard to find for less than $200)

    I don’t have any cameras for sale right now, but I own and highly recommend the Canon Powershot S100/S110. (NOT the ELPH S110, that’s a much older camera!) I got my S110 on eBay used for under $100. It doesn’t have a flip-out screen, but it can shoot video at full HD. I like it because it’s portable, and it’s one of Canon’s advanced cameras, so it has MUCH better image quality than your typical little Chinese point-n-shoot cameras. It only has 5x zoom, which is low compared to many point-n-shoot cameras, but the tradeoff is worth it to me for the faster lens, and the better IQ from the larger sensor.

    The prices vary a lot on eBay so you may need to look a while to find a good deal, but more important than the price is the reputation of the seller. Don’t buy from a seller with less than 99.5% positive feedback. Another thing to look out for: how many ratings the seller has. It’s easy to have 100% feedback if you only have 10-15 ratings… 😐 Some sellers have 100,000 ratings and still manage to maintain an average of more than 99.5% positive. Those are the ones you’re looking for. Used cameras are always a bit of a “chance”, but you can reduce your risks by sticking with sellers with good feedback, who will quickly refund or exchange if there’s a problem.

    Many photographers roll their eyes at the mention of Ken Rockwell, but he does have an excellent writeup on how to win eBay auctions if you’re interested in trying your hand at it. 🙂 I don’t recommend everything on his site, but that particular series of articles is worthwhile reading.

    James Staddon

    @djaae, I assume you walked through the first section of the Foundations of Photography course while you were a Lenspiration member?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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