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    Ben Glick

    Hey! This is a photo during a once in a lifetime pink/orange sunset, it is currently going through the normal phases of editing, but I found myself with struggle on wether to remove all the contrast and exposure, or just leave it and kinda let the bad quality show. One important thing to note, the back ground looks like it was taken with a 5$ point and shoot camera, that is being removed as we speak, but again, it takes some time, so I wanted to post the raw quality.

    Specs. Canon Rebel EOS SL1, shutter speed 1/40, ISO 125, shot with a 18-55 up close portrait lense.

    (thought’s behind the photo) I love my town and this was by far the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen, I was a little rushed in trying to get it before it faded away, but I believed I captured the idea nonetheless.

    Ben Glick

    Also a focal point so that we don’t just stare off into space, the plant right in the middle of the screen was what is in focus, that’s why everything else looks kinda just blurry.

    Dan Cope

    Nice colorful sunset! I know what you mean by being “a little rushed in trying to get it before it faded away.” It seems like those colorful sunsets are gone so quick! Good job on capturing the colors! Although there’s not much that draws me into the picture other than the color. The silhouette of the tree leaves against the colored sky does offer some interest but to my eyes it’s not a compelling subject. I would crop off the dark area on the left side of the photo and use the tree trunk to frame that side of the picture. Also editing out the power lines would help.

    the back ground looks like it was taken with a 5$ point and shoot camera, that is being removed as we speak

    I’m interested in exactly what you mean by this and what is it that you are removing?

    James Staddon

    Hey Ben, will see if I can find some time to provide my thoughts on this photo during the webinar tonight!

    Ben Glick

    Hey Dan, thanks so much for the input! I really appreciate it! I absolutely follow the aspect of “nothing other than the color really draws me in” for a photo this dark I had ISO set super high on the original photo, about 3,000, this was a mistake, in a setting this dark there is no way to avoid super grainy photo’s, (this is just what I have found) So I turned everything black, (idk if this was really a good idea, yikes!) Another fact that I have thought about but that I constantly tell people, every time you crop a photo you make it more grainy because you remove pixels and then have to re-enlarge the photo to … size. So an idea of cropping this photo “that much” it would just turn out to grainy, I have taken the ideas and criticism and advice from this photo and going to apply it to making another “better” photo!

    All in all, I would say this photo is a fail… More of a learning moment, thanks so much James and Dan for taking time to look at this and give advice, I appreciate it!

    Dan Cope

    You’re welcome Ben! I wouldn’t say it’s a “fail”. I’m sure it has potential to be used for something! And even if you don’t ever actually use it, like you said, every photo is a “learning moment” and that makes it worthwhile even if it didn’t turn out as impressive as you had initially hoped! And besides, for you the photo is definitely worth something as it will evoke memories of that moment when you experienced the enchanting sunset in person!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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