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    Lydia Bennett

    Our family was scheduled to play handbells at a Christmas festival last Saturday, and I knew the festival closes out with fireworks, so I made sure to bring my camera and tripod along! My goal was not just to capture fireworks, but Christmas fireworks.

    I had a couple of minutes when we got there to scout out a place where there were elements of Christmas, and including the general area where I thought the fireworks would be shooting. There were a bunch of bright floodlights facing my direction, but I tried to hide them with things in the foreground.

    I had way too much fun, sipping the free hot chocolate and shooting away!

    Anyways, I thought it would be fun to hear different perspectives on a few of the photos I got. How did I do in capturing the festive mood? Would you edit them any differently?

    The last picture is one where I love the fireworks themselves but everything else is blurry (I think due to camera shake?). Is there any way I can salvage that photo?

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    Morgan Giesbrecht

    Lovely festive shots, Lydia! Makes me wish we had Christmas fireworks in my town…😉

    Mood-wise, I think you did a great job! The lights, garland, candy cane lights, presents, and snow (at least, I think it’s snow…!) all add to the atmosphere of the festivities!

    Just a few notes…

    Picture #1
    I find the image too dark in the foreground. My eye is more drawn to trying to figure out what the foreground is instead of focusing on the fireworks. Maybe brightening it enough so that one could tell there was a gazebo on the left and brightening/highlighting the reds to make the candy cane lights on the bottom pop?

    Picture #2
    I personally think this is the best of them all! The light starburst from the lamp on the left is so pretty. 😃 One thing I see it the odd hooks just below the fireworks and above the cars…I’m not sure what that is, but if possible, editing that out might be a good idea.

    Picture #3
    The foreground is a bit too dark (like in #1) and I feel like the fireworks aren’t quite as clear as the other images…

    Picture #4
    Love the fireworks in this shot!! What a finale! 😁 As for saving the foreground, I’m really not sure. I have little experience with tripods and night shooting…

    In short, #4’s fireworks are my favourite and my favourite overall shot is #2! Great work! I also really enjoyed hearing the backstory to these pictures. Backgrounds really out the images into perspective…and also encourage fellow photographers in knowing that nearly all photographers do crazy things some times for the sake of a picture. (Be it freezing your fingers for a winter morning sunset, multitasking by drinking hot chocolate, watching fireworks, and shooting them, or…standing on a step ladder (trying not to fall off) in the middle of your grandparents’ front yard, wearing every mismatching colour possible because you didn’t take time to consider whose scarf and boots and coat you were taking in a mad dash to get outside for some pictures…😉)

    Anyways, lovely work!


    Lydia Bennett

    Thanks so much for your comments! They will be SO helpful for me to be able to edit the pictures better.

    Nope, there wasn’t snow – I really wished there was! And #4 was actually not the finale – it was the first picture I took once I was set up in that location! I was trying to play around with different crops to exclude the blurry areas of the picture, but I haven’t struck success yet.

    nearly all photographers do crazy things some times for the sake of a picture.

    LOL! So true!

    Again, thanks Morgan! I do appreciate it!


    Morgan Giesbrecht

    Glad to be of service! 🙂

    Wow…for picture #4 not being the finale, I’d say those were some impressive fireworks! 😁

    My pleasure!

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