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    Ryan Madaris

    I took this photo at a Civil War reenactment in Tunnel Hill, GA a few days ago. Any thoughts?

    ISO 320


    Logan Lamar

    Briefly, nice job using black and white! I don’t know if this is the look you were going for, but to make it look even more like it was from that time period, I’d consider using a slower shutter speed and maybe adding some grain to the final image. Study images from that time period and try to see how your image compares to them. Right now, I think it looks a little too good for the tech they had then.

    Composition-wise, more sky, less grass. The swords need a bit more room on the top.

    I wish my local Civil War Re-enactment was still being held! They were getting some complaints because of the noise I think. Oh well; it would have been neat to try and replicate photos from the early days.

    Hope this helps!


    Ryan Madaris

    @loganlamar, thank you! Those are some good ideas.


    Josiah Waldner

    B&W images often benefit by increasing the clarity and contrast to make it “pop” Like @loganlamar said, I would try to add a little grain as well. The composition looks good too, but I think I would straighten it out a little. Maybe they were on a hill, but unless the riders look like they are leaning, I would make the horizon level. Very nice!


    Morgan Giesbrecht

    Great shot!

    My thoughts second what @loganlamar and @josiahw have already said. 🙂

    I wish we had things like that up here in Canada…


    Ryan Madaris

    Thanks everyone… Here’s the photo with some of the suggested edits.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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