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    James Staddon

    Purpose: Kirk is a friend of mine who writes for The Dad Blog on Daughters of Decision. He couldn’t find a picture on Lightstock to illustrate what he wanted to write about in his next blog post, so he has asked Lenspiration for some help!
    Request: He needs an action shot that illustrates the idea of “raising the bar” (someone striving to excel at a task or event, seeking to attain excellence in their endeavors). Ideas include:
    a) an athletic event, like a runner crossing the finish line, a track athlete jumping over a high bar or pole vault, etc. (modest attire only, please)
    b) an outdoor activity, like mountain climbing, rappelling, skydiving, etc.
    c) a skilled craftsman, working on a product and producing excellence in their craft.
    d) denying self, following Christ, leaving behind fame, power, wealth for Christ.
    As the photographer, you are free to come up with your own creative ideas for subjects that would illustrate what he has written about in his blog post, a draft of which can be read here.
    Photo Specs: Submit JPG or DNG, at least 1600 pixels longest edge. Edit however you like. No watermarks.
    How to Submit:
    1) Attach JPGs less than 8MB in size in reply to this topic
    2) Upload originals or DNGs to this link (for the critique webinar)
    3) If your photo is chosen, you will need to submit this model release for each recognizable individual in the photo.
    Remuneration: $35 per chosen photo will be awarded to Lenspiration Members. It may be that more than one photo will be chosen!
    Terms: By submitting your photo(s) to Lenspiration, you agree to the terms outlined in the STS Photo Assignment Agreement.
    Deadline: Midnight Saturday, June 8, 2019 (or until this topic is no longer highlighted yellow).

    Get related training and watch how I did this assignment at http://www.lenspiration.com/learn-raising-bar

    Sign up to watch the critique of the photos submitted for this assignment at http://www.lenspiration.com/photo-critique-with-lenspiration-jun-18

    Shoot and/or Submit


    James Staddon

    I feel like my photos are a little too literal, by shooting actual bars, but it’s an initial try at least!


    Caitlin Compton

    What an inspiring article!

    Phew! This is assignment is really going to test our photography and creativity skills! lol 🙂 I’m presuming, @jamesstaddon, that the model would have to be a male? If so, does it have to be someone old enough to be a Dad or would a young man work? (say 12-14 yrs)


    James Staddon

    Agreed, @creative-click-photography! There was no direction given as to gender and age of the subject, but sense it’s for a “Dads blog”, then yes, your best bet at having your photo chosen would be to have an older, male subject.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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