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    James Staddon

    This week’s assignment is very appropriate for this time of year. Photograph (or pull from your portfolio) a picture of “Dreary Beauty” to illustrate the hymn Does Jesus Care?

    Reply to this topic with your submissions!

    Assignment details:
    • Requester: IBLP Family Conferences
    • Purpose: To be used as a background image for a powerpoint of the hymn Does Jesus Care?
    • Request: A photo that portrays dreariness and gloominess in a simple, artistic way. Think sunlessness natural scenes, fog, mist, low-contrast, empty, lonely, mysterious. Meditate on the complete lyrics of Does Jesus Care? for more ideas.
    • Image Specs: Pictures you submit must be at least 3000 pixels longest edge. Edit however you like. Please, no watermarks.
    • How to Submit: Attach JPGs less than 2MB in size in reply to this topic. (Learn to downsize JPGs appropriately in this video.)
    • Remuneration: Your submissions are a tangible gift to a non-profit, Christian ministry. A real opportunity to shoot to serve for the needs of others. Use this as an opportunity to practice with a purpose.
    • Terms: Chosen submissions will be used as if they were purchased under a Royalty Free license. You continue to retain full rights to your image.
    • Deadline: Midnight Saturday, February 17, 2018 (or until this topic is closed).

    Related training video:
    Embrace the Unexpected! Don’t do what I did, and miss a great opportunitiy.

    Photo Critique:
    The photos submitted for this assignment will be critiqued in March’s live Photo Critique Webinar. Date, time and registration link will be sent to those subscribed to “Live Webinars” at http://www.lenspiration.com/subscribe. The webinar is free for PRO members.

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions!

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    Logan Lamar

    Here’s one I had in my archive. I have other variants of it (this one is cropped, and my sister was flying a bright red kite in my original), so let me know if there’s anything that should change.


    Eliana Franzenburg

    Here are a couple of photos I just took today!


    Frazer Family

    Here are a few taken a couple years ago.


    Caitlin Compton

    I admit, often when the weather is dreary I don’t really go out and shoot. But now I’m hanging out for a “dreary day” to getting some more unique shots! 🙂
    Not sure if this was really what you’re after, but I’m submitting it in case it is! If you look close enough there’s even some emus in the background. 😀

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