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    Hannah Moore

    I just started to take pictures on a new 64 GB card. When I stuck the card into the computer, a bar popped up and said I had to format the disc in drive G, before I could use it. I have already used it and can only see pictures on my camera. What can I do so that I don’t lose any of my pictures?
    Thanks 🙂

    Ezra Morley

    Ouch!! I know the feeling very well. 🙁
    Thankfully, if your camera can still read the files, all is not lost. If I had access to the disc, I’m reasonably sure I could recover your files within an hour (or two). However… since I don’t have access to the disk, it might be a little tricky to do that.

    Is anyone in your immediate vicinity a tech-geek who wants to take on the challenge? 🙂 I’d be happy to give some tips and assistance if need be. Recuva might be an option, but I have no idea if it will be powerful enough for the job. I’ve successfully used TestDisk various times to recover files, so that is what I would probably try:
    Warning: it’s not easy to use. 🙂

    If you don’t know of anyone who can do it, I’ll be happy to help you out, either by remote, or even if you want to mail the card to me to look at. Feel free to send me an email if you need personalized assistance.

    Best wishes on your photo recovery!

    Hannah Moore

    Hmm. I’ll see what my Dad says. He may know what to do and if that doesn’t work, we have a local computer-geek who should be able to help!! Otherwise, if nothing else works I may have you help!!
    Thank you for your offer!!

    Logan Lamar

    @hannahm Did you try hooking up your camera to your computer via the USB cord? That might work.

    Caitlin Compton

    I had exactly the same problem once, @hannahm! I did what @loganlamar recommended and that did the trick. 🙂

    Hannah Moore

    Thank you @creative-click-photography and @loganlamar for your advice. I don’t even think I have a USB cord for my camera, so I’ll have to order it.
    Hoping it’ll work out!!

    Ezra Morley

    Good suggestion, @loganlamar & @creative-click-photography! No need to call in the big guns if all you need is a USB cable… 🙂

    @hannahm, if that suggestion does work, then I would suggest that you rescue all the photos and make sure they’re not corrupted, then format the SD card in your camera.

    Here’s a tip for the future to prevent this from happening again… Whenever you buy a new SD card always format it in your camera before using it for the first time. Cameras (and Windows computers) can be a little finicky about how SD cards are formatted, so you definitely want to start out fresh with a clean format when using it for the first time.

    If you still have trouble with Windows recognizing it after that, then consider sending the SD card back for a refund. There are plenty of cheap Chinese counterfeits of SD cards available on eBay and Amazon, and it’s possible that you got a lemon. I always recommend that everyone stick to B&H or Adorama for stuff like that. The price difference isn’t enough to be worth the stress and trouble of lost photos! Of course, there can always be “lemons” even among genuine name-brand electronics too, but Adorama and B&H will be there to help if that’s the case.

    James Staddon

    Thank you @buddingphotographer. Good to know!

    Hannah Moore

    Thank you @buddingphotographer for your help on this. I was waiting to reply when it worked out, but I ordered the wrong cord and haven’t dealt with it since. I know you offered earlier, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me sending it your way for you to do it correctly without loosing all the pictures, like I probably would?
    Let me know what you would like to do.
    Thank you again!!

    Ezra Morley

    No problem, @hannahm! I was just wondering the other day if you had made any progress on that. 😐

    I will be happy to take a look at it if you’d like. I’ll be in contact via email with more details…

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