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    Kimberly Snyder

    A few weeks ago I got this shot of my brother and a random dog he befriended at a ranch we were visiting out in central Oklahoma. I was at the top of the hill snapping scenery pictures (hence the higher f/stop), and I saw him sitting there with the dog so adorably I just had to bend over and snap the shot! I got this shot, then readjusted to get the sky in the background and right as I clicked the shutter for that one, they moved and it’s weird and the photo opportunity was over. All grass background, though! Yikes! Any ideas for editing? I did the black and white because I thought it might give it more emotion, but it’s still not really the picture I wanted.

    Photo details:
    Shot with my Canon Rebel T5i and 50mm prime lens.
    ISO 100
    1/160 sec


    Jinny Schober

    Great picture! I personally like the colored one better, it gives the picture some excitement! Since the subject is off-centered, and your camera is zoomed out a little, it gives the little boy and the dog some room to go “run around”. The sky might have been nice for the background, but I think the grass has a nice effect. 🙂 Maybe if you wanted the subject a little more pronounced, you could try contrasting it a little, but the picture might lose some of its brightness that adds a lot to it. For the black and white one, I would crop it in a way, to make the subject not in the middle of the picture. That is an adorable moment! 🙂


    James Staddon

    Way to capture the moment!

    > Like the vignette in the B&W
    > I’d say the way to go is B&W, though I really do like the color scheme in the color version
    > Perhaps process the B&W version to make the orange shirt light instead of dark (though I’ll download the shot, experiment with the editing, and see if I have a different opinion on Tuesday’s webinar).
    > I agree with @jinnyschober, a little more head room would be nice….though I am digging the centered crop.
    > A distant, blurred out horizon/sky would be nice. 🙂 Oh well. Know the feeling.


    Kimberly Snyder

    Thanks so much for your thoughts, Jinny and James!

    I tried cropping a little bit out, lightening the oranges, and upping the contrast (slightly). I do like this a little better!


    James Staddon

    And here’s exactly how I would edit it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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