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    Theodore Lonneman

    A few years ago I was staying at a friend’s house for a week helping him remodel a rental property near Indiana’s Highway 69. I had two or three hours in the morning just before sunrise that I usually would use interval training up and down the road, and on several occasions I took my then entry level DSLR along. I had just gotten into photography and was shooting in manual even though I didn’t know what f/stop and ISO really meant, which leaves me wondering how I ever got even decent photos. Looking back at these two photos from that trip, I can’t decide if the concrete structures form a natural border on an otherwise boring panoramic shot or if they add too much detail and distract from the road and power lines. Any thoughts or critique?

    Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
    1st shot: ISO 100 f/10 1/640 sec. 2nd shot: ISO 100 f/10 1/125 sec.


    Weston Auker

    I like the second one better. There is too much plain black in the top of the first one. Possibly crop it down and touch up the purple and green lens flare in the middle just left of center.
    The second has enough symmetry to “frame”the picture but enough diversity to keep it interesting. Once again, a little bit of cropping to remove the light that shows on either side just outside the support pillars, would give more of an “inside looking out” feeling to go with the “framed” feeling.
    A Bible verse or saying could easily be put on the road at the bottom if you like doing that type of thing.


    Ben Glick

    Hey man! So from my profession of photo taking, a few tips and maybe a little help for you, the first is, never shoot at the sun, (exceptions being you are absolutely amazing with editing) you will find yourself with a blurred out photo, and a lot of regret from thinking it looked great at that moment. (I speak from personal experience) Two, be sure to hit that smoothness setting on your camera when you take photo’s like these, you will find that while trying to focus in on the whole landscape, it will often bring out small irritating facts, You also may want to try to slow down your shutter speed, this all looks pretty darkened, while I do like it like this, you want to have an item you are really aiming to capture when you start darkening the surroundings, over all, well done, superb photo, keep going, and hey… maybe start looking at doing some landscape practice shoots to try and test?! Keep up the good work, God Bless!


    James Staddon

    Yes, shooting toward the sun with it visible in the frame is sometimes difficult. Just make sure the lens is perfectly clean and it will help reduce some lens flare artifacts. Also, framing the sun directly in the center of the frame will result in basically no lens flare as well, though it’s not often the most pleasing composition so that can be fixed sometimes with cropping later.

    As for the photos, yes, I would say I like the second one better too. Probably because I can see the texture in the road and it fills the picture and provides some leading lines. It really is a very good time of day to be shooting. And the mist is very nice. If you were outside the car then perhaps squatting down to make the markings on the road more prominent is usually a neat thing.


    dilip tilak

    I am Dilip Tilak and this was taken during my trip to Bharavthi and town in karnataka… No filter added shot on Nikon d3400


    Theodore Lonneman

    @dilip tilak, welcome to the Lenspiration community! If you want to submit your photo for critique you may do so by reading the Lenspiration Critique Forum guidelines post listed at the top of the critique forum entries, and then create your own entry by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and entering your photo and text there. That way replies to each post are not distracting or confusing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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