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    Ben Glick

    This is another photo that I took, this again was a very ordinary mushroom, but after enlarging the photo and adding some vividness I found that it actually turned out to be pretty good. yeh, I like it.


    Ben Glick

    These are the photos before and after editing…


    Lydia Bennett

    Hey @ryanben2 – neat mushroom! I don’t often take pictures of mushrooms, but I just noticed some large ones in my yard so this makes me want to go out and try to get a cool picture of them. 🙂

    Two things strike me right away when I look at these pictures: there seems to be quite a bit of grain in the pictures, and you’ve got some blown out highlights. I like the composition in your first picture better than the second one – it looks a bit more artistic at that angle.

    What kind of camera do you have and what were your settings you were using? Were you shooting in manual mode? Did you use flash or is that just the way the lighting was?


    James Staddon

    It would be interesting to hear your answers to Lydia’s questions, @ryanben2. It might give me some context. Overall, the image quality is pretty low, though I’m sure they wouldn’t look bad on a mobile device. The angle in the first one is pretty neat, but I’m not sensing anything particularly special about the shots. It’s a mushroom.


    Ben Glick

    Wow, thanks for taking time to look, I had (embarrassingly more of a sporadic shoot) than one of a actual one that would be shown or put on print, :). Your advice has been super helpful from both of you, I apologize, I lost the photo with the information on it so I was not able to tell what settings I had, (sorry about that) Can I ask though, looking at the photo I have noticed your helpful criticism, what are you thinking about how I could possible make the photo better! I would love to take old past photo’s and update them to look better in the future! I was thinking maybe from some of your advice James, that I could possible take the photo against a background of more than dirt? Maybe add some context into it to get the viewer to connect to the photo better, and definitely better photo quality, I could totally see that it was super low compared to that of a professional photo! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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