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    Blessings Captured

    I just wanted to let you all know about how you could get Lightroom and Photoshop “free” for a year.

    When you upload and get 300 pictures accepted to Adobe stock, they will automatically give you a 1- year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography. ($120) Deadline is December 31,2019.

    I mainly upload my pictures to Lightstock, so I’m planning on uploading them to Adobe and then as nonexclusive to Lightstock. The pay-cut is worth it to get Lightroom.

    When I need to get a lot of pictures quickly, I use Scrabble letters to make words. They’re easy,fast,and sell well.

    I did this last year and it’s been a blessing to have Lightroom.

    James Staddon

    Thank you @blessingscaptured for letting us know about this! I think I’m going to try doing that this year. It may help meet a need I was contemplating a day or two before you posted….truly God’s timing!

    If anyone has any questions about how to start submitting photos through Adobe Stock, just let us know here.

    James Staddon

    Some friends of mine tried to start contributing to Adobe Stock and we ran into some issues with age limit. It turns out that contributors must be 18 years old or older. Here is my correspondence with Adobe:

    Hi, a friend of mine who is under 18 years old would like to sell her photos on Adobe Stock. Is this allowed if she uses an Adobe account that is in her mom or dad’s name? Thanks! -James

    Dear James, thank you for contacting us.

    You must be at least 18 years of age when creating an Adobe Stock Contributor account. The age will be verified.

    Someone over 18 years of age cannot host an Adobe Stock Contributor account for a minor. Also, the account owner must also be the original author of all content that is submitted to their account.

    When your friend turns 18 they will be able to create an Adobe Stock Contributor account at that time. We will look forward to working with them in the future!

    Just so you know!

    If you’re under 18, that doesn’t stop you from building a portfolio to add to Adobe Stock once you turn 18. And better yet, why not start submitting them right now to Lightstock!

    Blessings Captured

    I forgot to mention that,thanks.

    To verify, I just had to show a copy of my drivers license.

    Blessings Captured

    If your interested in uploading 300 pictures to Adobe stock; I would also recommend uploading those same pictures to Shutterstock. It doesn’t take that much more and it will add to your earning potential. (Just like Adobe, Shutterstock requires you to be at lest 18)

    Right now the ratio of what I’ve made on stock is about Lightstock-1; Shutterstock-1/2; and Adobe stock-1/4.

    Here’s a link if your interested in signing up.

    Lydia Bennett

    Thank you for sharing this info, @blessingscaptured! Sounds like some things worth looking into!

    James Staddon

    2020 UPDATE:

    Adobe changed their Bonus Program. Earning one free year of the Photography Plan (which is Lightroom + Photoshop) is now based on the number of downloads there are of your photos on Adobe Stock. If you are selling enough photos on Adobe Stock that by the end of December 31, 2020, you sold 150 downloads, then you will be eligible for the one-year complimentary Photography Plan.

    Here are the details:

    This makes it quite a bit less attainable for those who are getting started on selling photos on Adobe Stock. If you’re uploading just random photos like I do, then I’m just barely on track to make 150 downloads by the end of the year with a portfolio of 400 photos on Adobe Stock. I’m going to try to keep adding more photos on a regular basis to help make attaining that goal more likely.

    In short, if you want to try to get one free year of Lightroom, then you’d better get as many photos up as soon as possible.

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