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    Gregory Moore

    Hello Lenspiration enthusiasts,

    I have a T3i right now but it is in the process of biting the dust after being accidentally left out in the rain overnight. I am looking to continue with the Canon line but would like to upgrade to a full frame camera with automatic focusing video capabilities. Do you have any suggestions or a camera that you want to sell so you can upgrade? I have been considering a 5D Mark iii but would consider any Canon with the capabilities I listed.



    David Frazer

    Welcome to the Lenspiration forums, Greg! I’m sure there will be people here more than willing to help you out.

    It’s too bad cameras aren’t waterproof…

    Any full-frame upgrade is probably a good choice if you do a lot of portrait-style photography. I’m not Canonised, and I am still shooting with a crop body, so take my advice with a much doubt as you feel appropriate. One thing to consider when upgrading to a full frame camera is your lenses. Crop-specific lenses are not compatible with full frame bodies, so check all your lenses and see how many you will have to buy before deciding on a body. It might affect your budget.

    On the video side of things, the T3i already does 1080p 29.97fps, so I suppose you have a computer fast enough to manage the footage. There is a growing number of dslr’s that do 4K UHD. That would require a faster computer, but has the advantage of being able to stabilize and crop the video if necessary. Many also do 1080p 60fps, which can be nice if ever you want to slow the footage down.

    As you mentioned, focus is probably one of most challenging things to amateur videographers, after lighting. I personally have found that the autofocus during video is terrible on moving objects (aka kids and dogs) on my camera (Nikon D5300), and I often end up focusing manually. I would love to have a dslr with focus peaking, but the only DSLR to my knowledge that does that is the Nikon D850 (3,300$).

    That probably wasn’t much help, but maybe someone else can help where I can’t.


    Ezra Morley

    Just a quick post for now, anyone buying Canon should definitely make use of https://www.canonpricewatch.com/ to find the best deal on any Canon gear.

    There are not many any (affordable) full frame bodies that are capable of good AF during video; I think crop sensor would be a better bet if AF during video is important to you. Dual pixel AF is the thing for video nowadays. (EOS 80D?)

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    Daniel Hancock

    Full frame cameras generally range new from $2500 and up. I would suggest you also look at mirrorless options. The pansonic gh5 is fantastic at video. I’m thinking about going with the Sony A7 lineup. I think both the GH5 and Sony lineup offer focus peaking. The 5DMVI uses a crop of the sensor for 4k video (so it is not full-frame for video), but has fantastic autofocus. The 5DMIII is not much of an upgrade from the MII. A lot of it depends on your needs and budget – you might want to write them out for reference as you look at cameras.


    The camera you’re looking for sounds like the 6D mark II. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1346734-REG/canon_eos_6d_mark_ii.html
    It’s basically a Full frame 80D, and has Canon’s legendary dpaf for video and live view autofocus.
    I’m a bit surprised it didn’t get a mention here…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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