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    Hannah Moore

    I have a question about these pictures of whether or not they are a good composition. If I were to use them for the front of a card which ones would be the better and how should I edit them?
    Thank you for your consideration!


    Ben Glick

    Hey Hannah! Great photo’s! These are really good! I really like these.

    – So, which photo’s should go on the front of a card and ideas on composition. 🙂

    1. Personally, I like the third photo, I think it is the most clearly composed and “well groomed” photo. However it’s close second is the first photo. Personally, I think the second and the first are pretty close to the same photo, and since the bee is kinda hidden in the second photo, I would stick to using the first or third photo on the front of the card. 🙂

    2. Ideas on composition – I kinda had to work with it a little to come up with some ideas. First off let me state, these photo’s are so good already I barely touched them, I wouldn’t edit these very much at all, but I did mess around with them a little to make them stand out just a touch more. I only had time to look at the third for the time being, which is the one I worked with. 🙂

    – Increase in basic editing: brightened – increase in shadow highlights – saturation increased – temperature lowered – vibrance increased – clarity increased – Cinema overlay attached – and artificial light streak above the flower to add natural looking lighting.

    (I know that sounds like a lot, the photos are again, almost identical, it really didn’t change very much.) 🙂

    This is all I found, I again, think these are amazing, and really incredibly shot and edited, very impressive! Good luck with future shooting!


    James Staddon

    Maybe I’ll talk more about this on the webinar Tuesday,, but here are some quick answers:

    My favorite is the first, with the bee in mid-air and distinct against the background! With a card, you really want something that is extraordinary. It’s got the best composition too.

    The second one I can’t see the head of the bee as well and it’s not what’s in focus, so I don’t notice it as much.

    The last one is a close rival to the first. Seeing the entire shape of the flow makes me notice it more as a special subject. The bee is nice and sharp and brighter than what’s behind it (since the sun is on it and not on what’s behind it). I REALLY wish it was composed so that the empty space was more on the left side of the picture than on the right (instead of their being equal empty space on either side of the flower). Do you have any other shots that have more space on the left? Maybe I could experiment with some different crops on the webinar.

    Isn’t it kinda nice to have different folks tell you which ones they like? It’s SOOO helpful when I’m trying to choose the pictures for my calendars. 🙂 Maybe we can take a poll on the webinar and get even more opinions.

    I’ll show how I’d edit them and crop that last one on Tuesday!


    Lydia Bennett

    James beat me to much of what I was going to say, but also a reason that the third picture takes 2nd place for me is that the sunflower almost looks like its ducking its head; if it had a face on it, it’s almost like it’s looking down away from you instead of greeting you cheerily like a sunflower should! That sounds kinda weird, but that’s what thought came to me!


    Hannah Moore

    Thank you all for your comments!! That was very helpful for me. @jamesstaddon I may have another picture, but I left my camera at church yesterday, and won’t be able to check for more pictures of the sunflower until next week. 🙁 I can’t remember what other pictures I had of the sunflower and if this one was the best. Though I do have other angles of other sunflowers that I will share once I get my camera back!! 😉
    Looking forward to Tues!!


    James Staddon

    I’m sorry if nothing I said about these pictures made sense on the webinar lat night. 🙂 Here’s the replay if you want to go listen to it again:

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