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    Ryan Madaris

    One of our rabbits just had 9 babies! This is a picture of them when they were only a few hours old. Any thoughts?

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    Josiah Waldner

    Wow, that is a nest full! My little brother raises rabbits, and I think the most he ever had at a time was 7. I like the way the round nest and soft focus draws the eye. I think it may be a little too soft on the upper side, where the most visible rabbit is pretty blurred. The exposure is good too- I might turn down the highlights a tad, but overall, it is very nice! Good job. Wait till they get a little older, and you will really get some cute shots. I have got some really nice ones by laying down in the grass to put your camera below their eye level, and shooting up at them.

    Caitlin Compton

    Amazing! We used to have rabbits, too. I like the way the hay makes a frame around your subject. But, the one thing that really stands out to me with this image is the fact that it isn’t tack-sharp. Also, your focus seems to be on the straw, not the bunnies. If those 2 things were fixed this photo would look a lot better! In post-processing, I would try pulling out some of those shadows and make sure there’s an even amount of hay on the top and bottom of the image. I’d also try pulling the clarity slider up a bit, but unfortunately blur can’t really be fixed, so making sure you get a tack-sharp image when you take it is super important. 🙂
    When those bunnies get a bit bigger, you’re going to have some very cute subjects to photograph. 🙂

    Ryan Madaris

    Thanks! I think the photo is soft because I used f/1.8 since the lighting is kinda dim in our barn. Thanks again! 😀

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