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    Lydia Bennett

    Our family is part of a homeschool orchestra, and last night we had a concert. We had about 2 spare minutes before we had to head in to get in our seats for the concert, and someone decided we should get a group photo with a bunch of us. The room that we were in was rather dark, and I wasn’t sure what settings to use to get proper exposure. Any thoughts?

    Here are 2 pictures (unedited), and these are the settings I ended up using: 🙁

    (Nikon D3100)

    1st picture:
    Aperture – f/3.5
    Shutterspeed – 1/30
    ISO – 800
    White balance – Auto

    2nd picture:
    Aperture – f/5
    Shutterspeed – 1/30
    ISO – 800
    White balance – Incandesent


    blessings captured

    If that’s the lowest aperture you can get- you got that right! And the shutter-speed is OK,- there not kids running around etc. I would just raise my ISO until I get the proper exposure. The orange cast might be from the orange room.


    Lydia Bennett

    Ok, I had a feeling that’s what I should’ve done since that is the lowest aperture I can get.

    Any thoughts on how I could’ve avoided the orange cast?


    James Staddon

    So glad you were able to make it to the webinar on Tuesday, @bennett-family! PRO members, you can watch a replay of it here:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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