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    Hannah Moore

    This flower is one of many I took one day, though this one was the hardest that I found to angle just right. I wasn’t sure what flowers to include in the picture and what not to include, so I sent a few choices of what I took and would love to hear what ways others may have taken it!!
    Thank you!!


    James Staddon

    That is a great perspective! Since the webinar is tonight, I’ll talk about it during that!


    Clara Johnson

    Hi Hannah, I love the coloring of your pictures with the bright pink, greens and yellow. I would suggest using the rule of thirds when photographing flowers instead of centering the focal bloom. Also be careful of the placement of flowers in the background that might appear to merge in odd ways with the flower in the foreground. You don’t want your flower to look like it has an odd lump only on one side! Here are a couple ideas:

    -Get closer to the ground and shoot in portrait to get more flowers in the background.
    -Lie on the ground and shoot in portrait to photograph the stem, stamen and blossom. You could use a dark bokeh, or include trees, more flowers, or sky in the background.
    -Shoot from down low and use the sky to silhouette the zinnias.
    -The closer you get to the blossom, it might become more easier to get the flowers in the background to align where you want them to.

    Overall, I would recommend using the rule of thirds. You have some good ideas going and I think your third photo has the best composition, although the lighting in that one isn’t as good as in the other photos.


    Theodore Lonneman

    Composing a nature shot using the rule of thirds can help bring more distinction between the foreground and background, but it’s very possible to center the flower and have the same clarity of focus. Although it’s a ‘must use’ for many shots of people’s faces or filming interviews,I don’t capture every shot I take using the rule of thirds because sometimes the background or lighting look better with a centered subject. In this case, I probably would have kept the flower centered in frame but would have tried to catch more flowers or skyline in the background by shooting from a lower angle and gently bending the zinnia forward so it still faces the camera. From previous experiences with zinnias, I’ve never been able to capture all the detail of the petals and stamens by shooting at them sideways, like in the attached photo.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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