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    Clara Johnson

    What sites do you recommend for purchasing camera equipment and lenses? I have some photographer friends who just get the best deal they can find, even if that means Costco, some use Amazon, and others only purchase directly from B&H Photo or Adorama. Thoughts?

    Ryan Madaris

    @clarajohnson, I’ve used several different websites for photography gear. I usually buy used lenses, so I would suggest KEH or MBP. I’ve bought several excellent lenses from each website. You can also check Ebay, just make sure the lens is in great condition before you purchase or make a bid.

    David Frazer

    As with anything, it’s important to know what you are buying. You can get cheap equipment and you can get inexpensive equipment… I recommend doing your research before settling on one or two possibilities. (B&H and Adorama are great places for that!)

    If on the other hand you are asking the difference between buying a particular lens from one store vs another, it’s largely a matter of opinion. Some places will have better return policies and guarantees than others. With online stores such as Amazon you will want to watch the individual sellers’ ratings. I personally like B&H – their return policy is great (I have used it once or twice), prices on par with others, shipping well packed and fairly fast, and I have had only good experiences with them. I have had less good experiences with Amazon, although the company itself does cover in the case of fraud. (for which I have also been grateful)

    Eliana Franzenburg

    I just recently bought a lens on eBay and I had a great experience with it but you have to be sure that (like others have said) the seller has a good rating and a nice return policy.

    Clara Johnson

    Thank y’all for your help! Now just a follow-up question in my mind. A few years ago somebody bought a sewing machine for me and they did their research and everything and picked out a Janome machine that looked really good. Then, searching around for the best price, they ended up buying it from Walmart. Let’s just say that this machine was less than satisfactory 🙂 Everything that could go wrong with it, did, and I hardly use it because it is just a pain. That made me curious, and after doing some research I discovered that Janome makes lesser-quality machines for Walmart even though they have the exact same model number and name as Janomes bought anywhere else. This has made me wary and just a little more discreet in buying quality items from a “middle man” company. Do y’all have any thoughts on this or helpful experience to share? Thank you so much!

    James Staddon

    I discovered that Janome makes lesser-quality machines for Walmart even though they have the exact same model number and name as Janomes bought anywhere else.

    Wow, I didn’t know that. I suppose that could be true for other types of equipment.

    I suppose, if it’s a lower price, there’s got to be a reason somewhere.

    I’ll usually buy refurbished (from Amazon sometimes)….it’s cheaper without compromising quality, though there is a slight risk.

    Clara Johnson

    Thank you, @jamesstaddon. That was helpful. And if you buy refurbished from Amazon then I definitely feel more comfortable about buying from Amazon. 🙂

    Thank you also @dfrazer @rmadaris and @elianafranzenburg. Your thoughts and advice are much appreciated!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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