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    Frazer Family

    Two squirrels were under the bird feeders the other day, a red and a grey.
    I got down to ground level by shooting out a basement window.

    Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated!

    Lydia Bennett

    How fun!

    You know, I looked at the pictures before I read what you had written, and I thought to myself, these look like they were shot through a window. And then I read the text, and saw they had been! 🙂

    It really would have been nice to try to open the window if possible, or just get outside, as the window adds a hazy look to the images. I had a similar experience recently looking out at our birdfeeders. The attached images are examples of the difference in clarity between a closed window (first photo) and an open one (second photo). It did kinda make our livingroom a little chilly for a few moments, though! 🙂

    Beyond that, I like your second photo better than the first. There are a lot less distractions going on in it. The first one has lots of harsh shadows, and a variety of textures, shapes and all that are distracting factors.

    I love the little detail in the second photo too, you can really see the snow on the squirrel’s face, and even some falling to the ground! That’s pretty neat!


    I like the first two shots best. I suggest using the brush tool to boost the exposure on the squirrel’s body. It’s a little underexposed.

    James Staddon

    Wow, big difference between with the window closed and open. If opening the window is not an option, at least compensate for it by creating the correct exposure contrast in post processing. How I would do that with this photo is by setting the black and white points, usually with the Black and White sliders in Lightroom, keeping my eye on the histogram. Maybe I can show you on the webinar tonight?

    James Staddon

    Here’s the link to a replay of the webinar for Lenspiration members. Discussion on these particular photos began at around 36:26.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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