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    Eliana Franzenburg

    Here is a photo I took awhile ago when our apple trees where blooming. I just got around to editing it and would like to know how I could improve the editing/taking of it.

    ISO 100
    With the on camera flash.


    Morgan Giesbrecht

    Lovely work, @elianafranzenburg!

    Here are a few ideas I thought of from the shooting aspect…

    1) Try positioning yourself or your subject in a way to eliminate the dark stick lines in the background. There nothing “wrong” with them, I just find them a bit distracting, especially with them being so dark compared to the rest of the picture.

    2) Try to keep your subject on center or follow the rule of thirds. The flower is inbetween the center and left third line so cropping the picture might be a good idea.

    3) Maybe try to avoid some of the overhead shadows casting shadows on the flower? I’m not sure what the surroundings are like so that may have been difficult. It’s a minor point though.

    4) From the editing stance, maybe try to increase your colour saturation/vibrance to really make the blossoms pop.

    I love your blurry background and sharp focus, Eliana! Well done!

    Just a few thoughts; hope it helps! 🙂


    James Staddon

    Yeah, like @morganwriter1gmail-com said, this shot is well done. I’m a fan of the way it’s edited. It looks bright and sunny, though not overpowering. The texture is like parchment, which I feel matches the idea of it not being fully saturated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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