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    Eliana Franzenburg

    I had the idea to put a tiny bunch of flowers my sister had found on a mirror to make them seem larger and also just to make it more visually interesting.

    ISO 100
    I used a flash light for the lighting so it wouldn’t be so harsh and I could decide exactly where I wanted the light to come from.


    Ben Glick

    Wow! Great blur out’s and good focusing in on that subject! I am continually one to believe that photo’s should rarely be the only visible thing in the picture, (it just kinda leaves the person going “what now?”) So maybe a little color, maybe like a Cremé color for the background, or like a grey, but like put something else in the photo that’s out of focus, almost like to suck the person into the photo and the environment! You have a lot of potential with this photo and an enormous amount with your skill and style of photography, I would love to look at more of your photo’s when you post them! I am super impressed with your work and style!


    Theodore Lonneman

    One of the first things I notice when I see this photo is not all the flowers in the bunch are in focus, but with how many there are and each at a different distance from the camera it’s practically impossible to get them all clearly defined. Because of that, I personally find it hard to distinguish between the flowers and their reflections. Sooo….an idea I had was use the same composition and intriguing mirror effect since those are both awesome, but use a bunch of tulips, roses, or any other flower that would be more uniform and easier to align and bring into focus. You could also lay the flowers on a piece of embroidery or lace to bring more clarity to what’s a reflection and what isn’t, similar to how the bank of a river forms a border between the forest on the water’s edge and the reflections below.
    Hopefully, this all makes sense:P. I am in no way saying you did anything ‘wrong’ or poorly-I think you did a great job of composing the shot, but it might be easier to use a bunch of flowers that didn’t require focus stacking or some other method of deepening the DOF.


    Daniel Hancock

    I like the depth of field on this shot; I think just enough of it is in focus. At least from what I can see on my phone. Great shot!


    Eliana Franzenburg

    @ryanben2 Thank you! I have always just stuck to plain black backgrounds but I will start playing around with different colors!
    If you want to see more of pictures I have a bunch on My Website here.

    @theodore Yeah, I was definitely having a hard time with focusing 🙁
    I love your idea with the lace! and I really want to try again with simpler flowers as I agree with you that it is kinda busy looking, unfortunately all of our here flowers are pretty much dead so I might have to wait till summer.

    Tulips sound as if they would work really well. Close to where we live there is a tulip festival in the spring so maybe I could take a small hand held mirror and find so cool ways to get reflection type photos. (and it made total sense 🙂 )

    @dhancock Thank you!


    Theodore Lonneman

    @elianafranzenburg Having grown up in southern Minnesota, I understand how hard it can be to find anything other than dandelions this time of year :/ . Another thought I had was laying six roses on a hand mirror in a window lit room with beige or taupe walls for a shot that would work well as the cover of a wedding card.


    Eliana Franzenburg

    @theodore Haha, we don’t even have dandelions this year though we’ve been having some really weird weather…

    That’s a great idea! I will have to try that.


    James Staddon

    So creative….using a mirror to amplify. I’ll have to try that.

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