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    Caitlin Compton

    Sorry, for some reason it will only let me upload one picture at a time!


    Caitlin Compton

    Hmmm. . . I’m not quite sure what’s going on. It won’t let me upload them for some reason even though they should be small enough. I guess I’ll just leave it there for now! 🙂



    Out of the death and sin of the world God reached down and made a new life in Him.


    Benjamin Holmes

    Thank you for all your submissions! I’ll be working on the VP a little today and then tommorow, but I’ve already looked at all the submissions and you’ve given me some great ones! Thank you all!

    Here’s a quick note for you all… In celebration of SC’s two year Anniverary, we’re running a special contest in which three people will each get to choose a verse for a VersePic! We’ll release all the details on the podcast this Monday, but if you’re interested in shooting for the VP’s, I thought maybe you might be interested in choosing some VPs! 😉


    James Staddon

    Wow, what a great assortment of submissions! I can’t wait to hear what Ben has to say about them!


    Benjamin Holmes

    Hello everybody! I apologize for not getting back to you all sooner… It has been a crazy two weeks for me… I’ll post an update and close this VPO Lord willing tommorow, but in the meantime, I’ve opened a new one!

    You can check it out here:


    Benjamin Holmes

    Phew! Finally forcing myself to make some time to sit down and write! I definitely want thank everyone for their submissions before we begin, and to say as well that the things I’m going to say here are my own thoughts and opinions that other may not share with me. As we had a lot of submissions that I could, on the technical front, use without issues in terms of subject placement, exposure, ect, choosing the photo came down to what I wanted to do with the VP and finding the photo that best fit the verse for me personally.

    The submission I chose for this week’s VP is James’s photo of a sunset!


    James chose to submit the photo because…

    the barrenness of the mountains make me almost wonder why God would spread such a beautiful sunset over such a desolate landscape, where almost no one would see it. While we were yet destitute and completely oblivious and uncaring of God’s goodness, He sent Christ to die for us and make a way of salvation from sin and relationship with Him possible.

    And while that makes sense (and is an awesome thought), what really attracted me to the photo was his earlier comment about the clouds seeming almost “bloody”… As the whole passage speaks of Christ DYING for us, the sunset and red/pink clouds resonated with that thought for me.

    While that was the “meaningful” reason, I did have some technical reasons behind my choice as well… First, you can instantly look at the photo and know what you are looking at and where the photo is guiding your eyes to… Additionally, and perhaps most importantly for me, there isn’t an information overload in terms of detail. There are textures and details, yes, but not so much that it is being a distraction from the verse I overlaid over the photo… This was a problem I had when I tried using some of the other photos. Another technical thing I like is the colors… For some reason, I love the peach-ish oranges, but rarely see them… I think I might have gone a “little” too far in editing… To be honest, I kinda lost myself in having fun! The reds help me think of Jesus’s blood on the cross and before anyone gets upset about this not being realistic 😉, we have sunsets like this ALL the time is Wisconsin! I wanted to keep the mountains on the bottom, but I frankly didn’t have enough time to work that out…


    Eliana Franzenburg submitted two photos showing off an interesting light painting technique, saying that the cross and kneeling person reminded her of Jesus’s death on the cross. While this was what I think of most when thinking of this verse, I wasn’t reminded as much of that when looking at the photos as she was, and ultimately, the bright white of the crosses against the dark background created an issue with trying to get text to show up over the crosses, meaning I couldn’t use the photos.


    Abby Sherlock once again submitted quite a few different angles and slightly different shots! She had this to say about her submissions…

    I used a cross and a paper heart in dead leaves to illustrate that while we were yet sinners “dead in sin” Christ died for us.

    While I can understand where she is coming from, I just didn’t really see the verse in the photo, at least in the same way Abby could, and that in itself puts submissions at a disadvantage, regardless of how technically perfect they may be otherwise. Yes, this may be a very personal way to choose, and I know that even some of my family don’t see the verses in the photos (My sister constantly disagrees with me on this!), but I want to make sure that every VersePic I create has a piece of what God is talking to me about in these verses… (and you’ll often hear more about that if you listen to our podcast!)

    For a very quick look at the technical side of things… Abby, when you shot the photos where you included a cross, you zoomed out quite a bit but were still putting the paper heart “front and center” and with the text going in the center as well, you wouldn’t even be able to see the small heart under the text. This presents a huge problem, as the paper heart is your main subject and the item that you are using to get your message across.


    @blessingscaptured submitted two photos, but a variation on the other, and again, I just didn’t see the verse in there… @blessingscaptured had this to say about the submissions…

    Out of the death and sin of the world God reached down and made a new life in Him.

    Again, just… didn’t see the verse in the photo. One thing that I will say helps me “get it” is when those who submit say why they submitted something. James, when explaining his submission, made a passing comment that resonated with me and helped me to see a quality in his photo that I had overlooked at first glance. While we get sort of an explanation here, I don’t quite understand what Blessings Captured meant by this, and I just don’t think of this verse when looking at the photos…


    Finally, to address the elephant in the room, at least for me! I’ve waited to talk about Caitlin Compton’s submissions till now, becuase I really liked them! In fact I REALLY like some of them, and REALLY REALLY liked one of them! … Why didn’t I use that one then? The short answer is “it got complicated”, quite literally…

    Here’s the photo I liked so much!

    Caitlin had this to say of her submissions…

    The idea behind the waterfall is that when Christ died for us He washed away our sins.

    While I’ll be honest and say this idea isn’t quite what the point of the verses are, most people do get the idea of water “washing” away our sin, even me… This mismatch of the ideas of the verses is something that drew me away from using the photos, no matter how much I would have liked to use it.

    To be perfectly honest, the main reason I didn’t use this photo was technical issues… It honestly felt as if the photo was fighting me every step of the way in the design process… Sorta! One of the things I did enjoy greatly was the editing process… (as always!) After that point, yeah, things got complicated… Essentially, the issue was both details and water. The text, even when it had a dropshadow, didn’t show up well against the water in the bottom left corner, and no matter how bold a font I used, I couldn’t make myself want to keep reading the verse, as my eyes constantly were being distracted by all of the detail in the rocks, grass, bushes, ect… I spent a few hours working with this, as I really wanted it to work, and finally, after a long time working with it, I had a “final” draft ready and was so relieved to be done… Then I took a break and gave my work a good long look and thought “bleah…” I still liked the photo, but there was no way to get the text to look right, and when I compared the draft to some other work that I had done, even very some I had done very quickly, I just didn’t like what I had been working on at ALL and knew I couldn’t use it… Finally, once I had let go of the photo I had been holding onto really hard, I discovered James’s photo and fell in love with the “blood-red” clouds…

    With that, I must stop writing to get other things around here done! I look forward to working with Lenspiration again, and I appreciate you all helping us at Sharpening Character with the ministries that God has given us!

    VersePic Director


    James Staddon

    Thank you so much, Ben, for your detailed comments in wrapping up this STS op!

    My thoughts on all the submissions I gave in the Photo Critique Webinar last night. Here’s a reply of the webinar available for the PRO members to re-watch if they’d like:

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